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The Research Institute recognizes that volunteers are essential to fulfilling our vision of fostering the highest quality research, education, and academic environment throughout MedStar Health. Whether an individual needs to meet requirements for an internship, gain exposure to the research environment, or is interested in exploring a new career, the Research Institute can offer some options.

MedStar Health Research Institute will provide volunteer opportunities as available to individuals contacting the Research Institute directly or through a current employee. The opportunities available need to be confirmed by the department in which the individual desires to volunteer. The department head is required to confirm availability of space and designate the supervisor of the volunteer. Scientific volunteers are allowed incidental patient contact. No element of patient care responsibilities is permitted through this program.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

  • Scientific
  • Administrative


The following are the requirements for each volunteer:

  1. Be age 16 or older.
  2. Submit the volunteer application, resume, and provide one reference letter. Pass a background check.
  3. Complete a health clearance through the Occupational Health Department of the hospital in which the volunteer will be providing services or the designated medical facility for the work location.
  4. Attend a volunteer orientation session. Complete training (e.g. HIPAA, Human subjects, etc.) appropriate for the work being performed.
  5. Commit to a minimum of 100 service hours.

To learn more about the process and find out about any open positions, please contact MedStar Health Research Institute Human Resources at [email protected]