Nutrition program leads to a healthier life, and a healed heart.

After losing his only child in an accident, Paul Schwartz gained a lot of weight. “I just ate my pain away,” says Paul. “I got up over 300 pounds, my diabetes was out of control, and I was having heart issues.”

That’s when Paul’s cardiologist recommended MedStar Health's new nutrition program, Fresh & Savory. Our innovative eight-week program combines traditional medicine, nutrition, and holistic approaches to diet, mental, and physical health to help patients create a healthy lifestyle that works for them.

Each week, patients with diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions cook together during a group medical appointment. They also hear from experts about the importance of other lifestyle factors like reducing stress and getting enough sleep.

Paul used the skills he learned through Fresh & Savory to lose 105 pounds. He shares that Fresh & Savory is not just a diet he’s following, but a new lifestyle. This holistic approach to healthy living, along with the support he’s received from the doctors and other members of the program has given Paul a new sense of optimism.

“Being part of the Fresh & Savory community helped me heal my heart and my overall outlook on life.”

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