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Expert leadership takes us to the next level

Our executive leaders are at the forefront of MedStar’s vision to be a Distributed Care Delivery Network. We put the needs of our patients first and foster an environment that encourages associate integrity and professional development. Learn more about the remarkable men and women leading MedStar Medical Group into the future.

Richard Goldberg, MD

Jean Bunker
Vice President of Marketing,
Communications, & Physician

John DeSimone, MD
Vice President of Medical

Michael Westphal
Vice President of Operations

Bill Frohna
Bill Frohna, MD
Vice President of Medical

Brendan Furlong
Brendan Furlong, MD
Vice President & Chief Medical
Information Officer

Roby Hunt
Vice President of Human

Joe Ugast
Vice President of Operations

Jim Welsh, MD
Vice President of Primary Care
Services, MedStar Physician

Peter Ostasewski
Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer