A Team of Experts

MedStar Medical Group Anesthesiology’s multidisciplinary team consists of anesthesiologists, residents, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), and certified anesthesiology assistants (CAAs). We work together to minimize your discomfort during surgery and maximize you outcomes after surgery.

Meet Our Team

You May Benefit From Anesthesia If You Are:

  • Having inpatient or outpatient surgery
  • In need of pain relief during childbirth
  • Experiencing chronic pain

Anesthesiology Services

We understand needing surgery or a medical procedure can make you feel uneasy. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Learn more about MedStar Medical Group Anesthesiology’s services:

Anesthesiology Pain Management Services

Learn more about MedStar Medical Group Pain Management services.

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Protocol

Recovery can be safer and quicker than ever, thanks to innovative technology and multidisciplinary approaches such as Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) protocol. MedStar Medical Group Anesthesiology uses ERAS guidelines to optimize the patient journey from beginning to end, reducing patients’ surgical stress while facilitating recovery. Our ERAS program ensures our care teams work together to provide multiple interventions before, during, and after surgery, which helps to:

  • Decrease recovery time
  • Improve mobility following surgery
  • Minimize risk of complications
  • Reduce side effects, such as nausea

Our Locations

Our anesthesiologists, pain management specialists, and anesthetists care for you in MedStar Health’s hospitals and surgery centers across Maryland and Washington, D.C.