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When you come to our Pancreatic Cyst and Surveillance Clinic, you’re coming to a group of physicians devoted to your care. A specific clinic dedicated to patients with pancreatic cysts is the perfect way to deliver cutting edge care for this unique subset of patients.

Cysts of the pancreas are common and a thorough evaluation by a team of specialists is needed in order to arrive at a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. Pancreatic cysts can range from completely benign, to premalignant, to established cancerous lesions. It takes specialized knowledge to determine which is which and to plan and execute the optimal strategy for diagnosis and treatment. That specialized knowledge is what you will find at our clinic.

This requires expertise in specific CT and MRI techniques, advanced endoscopic procedures, and open and minimally invasive surgical techniques – all available here at MedStar Health under one roof and delivered by an integrated and experienced team of specialists. These diagnostic and treatment techniques include:

After comprehensive evaluation, we may decide that continued surveillance is all you need. Or we’ll recommend a strategy for further evaluation and treatment to meet your needs.

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