What Makes Us Unique Our nationally recognized team draws on a wealth of unmatched experience and expertise, grounded in advanced surgical techniques for adults and children. We continue to research and innovate, offering robotic surgery in many cases to improve your care. You have it, we treat it. LEARN MORE Hope for Pancreatitis Do you suffer from chronic pancreatitis? Consider total pancreatectomy with islet auto-transplant. This revolutionary procedure to relieve pain can keep diabetic symptoms at bay by re-introducing your own islet cells after a total pancreatectomy, offered robotically in some cases. LEARN MORE Robotic Options for Surgery Minimally invasive surgery using robotic-assistance can benefit some patients having liver and pancreas surgery. This approach uses small incisions, so you'll have less postoperative pain and a shorter hospital stay compared to open surgery. We’re at the forefront of this technique. LEARN MORE Need a second opinion? Have a new finding in your liver or pancreas? When CT or MRI images raise questions about your best next step, our Second Opinion and Imaging Clinic will provide a comprehensive clinical and imaging evaluation. You will meet with our team, including a radiologist, to discuss your options. LEARN MORE Get Your Liver Mass Checked Once a liver mass is noted and felt to be benign, evaluation often stops. But, sometimes, further diagnostic characterization and evaluation is needed. Our group of liver specialists and surgeons focus on these conditions and team up to ensure comprehensive evaluation and treatment. LEARN MORE Expert Care for Your Child Children with problems related to the liver, pancreas, or bile duct require the specific expertise and experience found right here at MedStar Health. We work as a team for you and your child, offering multidisciplinary care from diagnosis to treatment – all here in one place. LEARN MORE

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