Dr. Aulisi
MedStar WHC Neurosurgeon and Director of the Spine Center in McLean, Ed Aulisi, MD, showcases his 3D imaging machine that is used with patients while discussing their cases. Dr. Aulisi sees patients in D.C. and Virginia and conducts IME’s as well as treats back and neck injuries.

Treatment and Management of Work Related Injuries

Man lifting properlyMedStar Health works closely with employers to provide expert medical care for work related injuries. Our specialists understand all aspects of the workers' compensation process with the goal of providing advanced, specialized care in a cost-effective manner. Our specialists cover all areas including:

MedStar Physicians Accepting Workers Compensation

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Jeannine McNelly

Jeannine McNelly  

Featured Physiatry Physician

Kathleen Fink, MD
Kathleen Fink, MD

Kathleen Fink, MD, is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain management. Her practice is based in McLean, Virginia, at the multispecialty MedStar Clinic.

Dr. Fink specializes in pain, musculoskeletal/sports medicine, fluoroscopic spine injection techniques, occupational medicine (including Independent Medical Evaluations) and performing arts medicine.

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Featured Specialist Physician

Evan Argintar, MD

Evan Argintar, MD, is a member of the MedStar Orthopaedic Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, where he performs surgery. Dr. Argintar also serves as the Assistant Director of Sports Medicine at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Dr. Argintar specializes in sports injury and upper extremity reconstruction. He sees patients with injuries to the knee, shoulder, elbow and hip. His clinical interests include arthroscopic surgery, ligament reconstruction, joint reconstruction/replacement, cartilage restoration, hip arthroscopy and hip preservation. He is currently involved in research on ACL repair, a new surgical technique that may replace traditional ACL reconstructive surgery.

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Featured MedStar NRH Rehabilitation Network Location:

MedStar NRH Rehabilitation Network, Federal Hill


The Federal Hill team prides itself on providing exceptional customer service that begins with convenient access, a comfortable environment of care (with a beautiful Harbor view and plenty of free parking), and a compassionate team of highly-skilled clinicians and administrative staff. Our therapists treat a wide range of conditions and customize their treatment plans to optimize the outcomes for every patient.

Our rehabilitation specialists at Federal Hill are interested in assisting active adults to regain function and restore motion. Whether it’s a work-related accident or a sports injury, our physical therapists will help you on your journey to getting your life back using non-surgical techniques.

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