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At MedStar Health, we understand that gratitude is an important part of the patient experience. Studies show that expressing gratitude can lead to better mental health, improved healing, more restful sleep and overall positive emotions.

We Believe Gratitude Matters. We believe that all expressions of gratitude are a gift and that is why our response is so important. Learn about our Gratitude Model.

View the videos to see why gratitude really does matter.

For the ninth consecutive year, the MedStar Health Philanthropy program has received recognition from the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy as an industry high performer. We are proud to be one of 84 members of the Association to be recognized with this honor and we are truly grateful for all who partner to help us advance health in the communities we serve. Click here to learn more.


Our philanthropy team works with those who wish to express their gratitude across the MedStar Health system. Meet our team.

We are honored to partner with you to help find the best way to express your gratitude—whether that be through honoring a caregiver, sharing your story or making a philanthropic investment. MedStar Health is a mission-driven, non-profit organization committed to advancing health. 

To learn more about why gratitude matters to the Philanthropy Group at MedStar Health, contact us at [email protected].