MedStar Union Memorial Hospital Musculoskeletal Research Center


Musculoskeletal Research

On behalf of our caregivers, the patients we serve, and their families, thank you for your willingness to learn more about how MedStar Union Memorial Hospital plans to further the current standard level of orthopaedic care by establishing a new cutting-edge Musculoskeletal Research laboratory.

The Musculoskeletal Research laboratory will be a multidisciplinary research center providing:

  • Basic and translational research studies from protocol design through final report
  • Education to orthopaedic residents, fellows, graduate and undergraduate students
  • Cutting-edge treatments though innovation
  • Research applications of biologics for musculoskeletal disorders

By housing all of these elements of musculoskeletal study and research in one facility, this lab will become our building block of infrastructure and research excellence going forward. This creation of a premier multidisciplinary research facility for researchers and clinicians across MedStar Health will give staff proficiency in the methods of clinical research.

We are grateful for your consideration to philanthropically partner with us in support of this ambitious and transformative project. By partnering with grateful patients and families, we strive to positively impact the lives of those we serve.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or call 410-554-2444.