Ways to Support COVID-19 Response Efforts

Gratitude Matters for Our Caregivers 

This is a critical time for caregivers and patients. Share your gratitude for our team by supporting our Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. As a non-profit healthcare organization, our goal is to further our mission of providing the highest quality of medical care to our patients each and every day.

Gifts may be designated to MedStar Health or multiple hospitals and services to support the team’s COVID-19 Critical Needs Fund, helping to offset unanticipated expenses related to the pandemic. To choose multiple designations, select the amount and designation, then click add. You may add as many as you wish.

Gifts may be tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The non-profit tax ID number for MedStar Health is 52-2087445.

Make an Online Gift

Give by Phone or Text

Text CAREGIVER to 71777


Caring for Our Caregivers

Give by Mail, UPS, or FedEx

To make a gift by check, please make it payable to MedStar Health and send it with the entity designation and purpose to:

MedStar Health Office of Philanthropy
10980 Grantchester Way, 7th Floor
Columbia, MD 21044


Click here for more ways to support the COVID-19 response efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 410-772-6747 or via email at [email protected]

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Heroes! Thank you for your bravery and dedication to patients’ care. The whole nation appreciates your efforts beyond words.

Barbara M.

Thank you so much to the Doctors, Nurses and all the Front Line Workers who are SUPER STARS and save lives every single day!! You are amazzzzzing!!! Sending you our love and prayers!

Debra C.

For the professionalism of the physicians, therapists and staff at the two (2) facilities where I received treatment ~ THANKS!!!!!

Frank H.S.

Thank you Dr. Timothy Deklotz and support physicians for all that you did for me! If I did not come and see them all I would no longer be here! I REALLY appreciate everything they did! I cannot express my total gratitude ! Thank you all so much!!! PS...Thank you to Yasmine!

Donald T.

Dr. Shafa and the wonderful anesthesiologists and all of the prep nurses that helped to save my life. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lloyd B.

Thank you so much for the care and consideration that you have shown to me with all my medical and personal issues. It has been an eye opener of how a well run medical facility can inspire confidence that you are in capable hands. Again thank you so very much for that you do for me!!!

Hellmut B.

Thanks to all the medical personnel (doctors, nurses, radiology techs, rehab techs, office personnel, cleaning personnel, etc.) in hospitals & medical centers, who persevered & cared for all of us patients through this time. Your dedication, compassion & caring, and patience is phenomenal. We would not be as well as we are without all of you.

Robin K.

As a senior citizen I have age related medical problems that need attention. The men and women who treat those problems are on the job and make life better for so many people. I am ever thankful for their knowledge and kindness.

Betty W.

I will always be grateful to the Transplant teams over the years. New liver 9 years ago -- and I plan to be counting for many more years to come. Happy holidays to all. And keep up the great work, Suzanne.

Guy F.

A huge thank you to the labor, delivery, and postpartum team that helped our baby girl Talia arrive safely into this world. A special thanks to Dr. Contois and nurse Kasey who saved our daughters life during an emergency delivery; to Gemma for comfort during a long labor; and to the postpartum team (Aileen, Maureen, Cece, and so many others) who were so caring during our first days as new parents. We are eternally grateful!

Alana L.

THANK YOU ,to the wonderful ladies at Cancer Care at MedStar St. Mary's Hospital for guiding my family through our cancer journey. I can't express how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to every patient that walks through your doors. Keep up the good work! Just know you are appreciated.

Danielle S.

God bless you all and keep you safe from Covid 19. Your dedication to helping the sick is amazing. Thank you for all you do.

Amy H.

Thank you Claudia Barrett for the best e-visit today! She was so kind and understanding. I really appreciated this option since I don’t really want to leave home with a newborn! Thanks to Medstar for making this possible for patients!

Julie W.

I cant even express the depths of my gratitude to some of my MedStar care Team. My physical therapist Dr. Liz Darroch, who after some weird symptoms that were thought to be from Vertigo, insisted that I see a spine surgeon. Then after being ignored by two others, Dr. Darroch recommended Dr. Oliver Tannous, who I feel literally saved my life. Those two people in particular rescued me from years of suffering. The entire MedStar Rehab staff and the Medstar WHC Ortho staff,, have always been kind and compassionate in addition to friendly and super responsive. I have told everyone I know how much grace and poise every last person I have interacted with at a MedStar facility has been.I have seen staff being berated by patients and these staffers remain calm and composed. I dont know how they do it. Thank you MedStar staff for being my shelter in the storm.

Giselle A.

Thank you to all of you for taking such great care of my Dad during this terrifying time in our lives by doing as much as you can to help him in his battle with COVID19, all the while dealing with many other patients and their families. Your compassion and willingness to answer our questions even though I know that with so many patients and so much work to be done, you don't hesitate in your willingness to provide updates to all of us who aren't able to be with our loved ones. Thank you for holding the phone up to his ear, so that he can hear our voices - all of your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for continuing to provide the best care and compassion to not only my Dad, but to us as his children and the rest of our family as well as all of your patients battling illness. 🏆👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💕

Elizabeth G.