Your Gratitude Matters

MedStar Health Your Gratitude Matters

Watch the below video to learn how Kelly Cloman celebrates her care team.

Make your gratitude matter. Recognize your caregiver(s) through a gift of gratitude.


Your simple act of generosity means the world to those who care for you and your loved ones. When you thank a care provider, it puts a smile on their face, gives greater meaning to their work, and positively impacts the rest of their day. Your recognition serves as daily motivation and every patient they treat will experience first-hand the power of your gratitude.  

We celebrate the members of our care team each day, but especially recognize all caregivers on National Doctors’ Day, March 30, as well as, National Hospital Week, and National Nurses Week, both celebrated May 6 through May 12.

Demonstrate how your gratitude matters by joining us to honor your care provider(s) for their amazing work.

Do you have a story like Kelly’s? Share it with us here—it’s simple!