FY2015 Annual Report

2015: The Year in Review

At MedStar Health, we are transforming health care. 10 hospitals. 11 urgent care and 4 multispecialty centers. 31,000 associates. 4,700 physicians. 8,700 registered nurses. 1,100 residents and fellows. Dedicated Board members, volunteers and donors. Through the minds, hands and hearts of our physicians, nurses and associates, our inspired efforts touched the lives of our communities and made 2015 an historic and transformative year for MedStar Health.

In 2015, almost one in five residents in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., region who sought medical care received it from MedStar Health, the region’s largest not-for-profit and most comprehensive healthcare system. Their trust is validation of our journey and a reminder of what we can accomplish together in pursuit of a common goal.

Thank you for making MedStar the region’s trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health. Amazing things are happening here.

Report to the Community

Each year, MedStar Health invests in the health of the community by providing more than a quarter of a billion dollars in community benefit. Services include teaching the next generation of health professionals, providing care for those who cannot afford to pay, delivering community health programs and services, and conducting research to advance health. Our annual Report to the Community has the latest details.

2015 community pie chart

Annual Report - Patient Stories

MedStar is committed to the highest level of excellence with a constant focus on our core values, which include putting our patients first. You will see our commitment illuminated in these patient stories—from Gerard, a heart transplant patient, and Sheila who suffered excruciating headaches for years, and Sharon who lived secretly with hepatitis C for 18 years, to Mamie who placed the care of her newborn’s life in the hands of the transplant experts, and District Police Officer Sean Hickman who suffered traumatic injuries from an intentional hit and run. View All Patient Stories.

  • Sheila Saylor suffered from debilitating headaches for years—even going through a number of unnecessary surgeries—before a neurologist at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center correctly diagnosed and treated her for cluster headaches.
  • At 47, the need for a heart transplant was difficult for Gerard Folly, a married father of three. Today, he is happy and healthy after undergoing a successful transplant at MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute.
  • Zach Zekefsky faced the potential loss of several bones in his wrist after he was diagnosed with a rare disease that cuts off the blood supply to the wrist. Dr. James Higgins at The Curtis National Hand Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital was able to reverse the damage and cure him using a novel procedure.
  • Sharon Billings kept her hepatitis C diagnosis a secret for 18 years. Her need for a transplant led her to confront the diagnosis and visit the MedStar Health Research Institute. Through a clinical trial medication, the team at the research institute was able to cure her in 90 days, and today Sharon is on the transplant list.
  • Rachel Sandbridge visited MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center for bariatric surgery, but her life was saved when a presurgical endoscopy revealed she had stomach cancer. Surgeons removed the tumor and performed the bariatric surgery. Today, Rachel is healthy and has lost more than 250lbs.
  • Sean Hickman, a Metro Police officer in the District, was a victim of an intentional hit-and-run that caused life-threatening injuries, including the potential loss of his leg. Thanks to the medical specialists at MedSTAR Trauma, Sean is back on the force and is looking forward to walking down the aisle at his upcoming wedding.
  • Mamie William's daughter, Abigail, was born with a rare condition that required her to have a liver transplant at 5 months old. The living donor transplant was performed at MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute, and today Abigail is thriving.
  • A childhood injury caused Duitch Sloane more than 30 years of chronic pain. After undergoing an osteotomy, full ankle replacement and a rebuild of her ligament at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, Duitch now is pain free and back to riding horses, and is thinking of taking up dancing
  • Marilyn Beeson, an elementary school music teacher, began choking one day in front of her students. The traumatic incident was caused by an artery that formed irregularly and could have taken her life. Today, she is back to work thanks to surgeons at MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute.
  • A routine blood test revealed that Ron Tekel had elevated levels of calcium in his blood. Medical experts at the MedStar Pituitary Center conducted an MRI that revealed that Ron had a tumor next to his pituitary gland. They performed surgery to remove the pituitary tumor without the need to open his skull.

MedStar Health combines the best aspects of academic medicine, research and innovation with a complete spectrum of clinical services to advance patient care. As the largest healthcare provider in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., region, MedStar Health’s 10 hospitals, the MedStar Health Research Institute and a comprehensive scope of health-related organizations are recognized regionally and nationally for excellence in medical care.

MedStar Health’s Board of Directors that is made up of 18 dedicated leaders from across our communities who guide MedStar’s vision “to be the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health.”

MedStar’s Leadership Team spans a comprehensive health system that provides advanced clinical services—through 10 hospitals and more than 250 non-acute care sites—as well as medical education, research, innovation, insurance products and population health management.


Partnering with MedStar Health Through Philanthropy

As a not-for-profit healthcare system, MedStar Health values individuals’ philanthropic investment in our mission “to serve our patients, those who care for them, and our communities.”