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October 26, 2021 | Tags: Process Improvement, Safety

While resources are available to help nurses collect and store critical patient information, it is still necessary, at times, to develop a creative way to remember critical information in a pinch. Historically nurses recorded critical information, such as allergies, medications or lab results on a small piece of scrap paper to be easily pulled from a scrub pocket upon a physician’s request.  However, using these small pieces of paper poses a risk involving patient privacy and protected health information if they were to ever be lost or accidentally thrown away.

ASC Nurses may need to prep many patients for surgery at one time, each of them have specific information that needs to be checked and reconciled between the chart and the OR sheet in the EMR.  This information is frequently written down on a scrap piece of paper or on a folder.  This increases the risk of a HIPAA violation.  In addition, many times the patient may say something that does not seem quite right and the OR Sheet and EMR needs to be consulted.


Use of a quarterback play sleeve allows nurses to jot down information on their patients from the OR sheet or EHR while preventing access to prying eyes and eliminating the need to go back and forth to a computer station.  The nurse can write directly onto the inside plastic sleeve or slip a piece of paper with patient details behind the clear plastic viewing pane.  Caution should still be taken to comply with HIPAA standards.


Quarterback play sleeve (available at most sports equipment stores).  Contact Minnovations if you would like us to supply one.

Meet the MInnovator
Joyce Berkley, RN
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Although many words can be used to describe RN, Joyce Berkley, one that rises to the top is “Dedication”. Joyce has been a nurse for 42 years, 41 of which has been with Franklin Square Hospital and MedStar. Joyce’s favorite part of her job is getting patients ready for surgery, then seeing them in recovery and asking them how we could have made their stay better. Joyce likes the idea of Minnovation Marketplace because it’s a program that brings MedStar Associates’ ideas to life. “The Idea of having a plan and seeing it come into action is very satisfying. Helping other nurses is wonderful.” That’s dedication.
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