Nida IV Pole Bed Clamp

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October 26, 2021 | Tags: Safety

Patients that need to be transported to have a test done, require a transport tech or two. Occasionally the patient may have a respirator and two IV poles that also need to be transported necessitating more than one person to assist. If only one transport tech is available, the nurse has to assist in the transport taking her/him away from the other patients.


Secure a secondary IV bag hanger clip onto the bedrail, around the IV pole and back onto the hanger clip (as shown in the images). This allows the IV pole to be towed behind the bed during transport.


A spare IV bag hanger clip.

Meet the MInnovator
Nicole Nida, RN
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Nicole started out as a nurse intern with MedStar in 2001 and became a nurse in 2003. Nicole likes working in the ICU because of the diversity of patients, their medical situation and that she learns something every day. I like it because “things always change in the ICU.” Nicole’s other passion is making wine and beer at home. “We should share what we do. Nursing is hard enough and if we can make it easier for each other and save a little time, it makes a big difference in your day.”
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