Wancowicz O2 Line Connector

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October 26, 2021 | Tags: Process Improvement, Safety

Patients that are not at risk for a fall, but are on oxygen may get up to use the bathroom.  However, one O2 line is not sufficiently long enough to allow free movement around the room.  A connector product exists, but is frequently out of stock.


Using a thermometer probe cover as an O2 line connector.

  1. Cut approximately 2” from the proximal, non-tapered end from a thermometer probe cover.
  2. Insert it into the end of the first O2 line.
  3. Insert the other end of the cut thermometer probe cover into the extension line.

Note: This MInnovation is only to be used if the O2 line connector is out of stock in the equipment room, supply chain has been contacted and will not restock this item in a reasonable amount of time.  Please contact supply chain prior to using this MInnovation.

  • O2 line extension
  • Welch Allyn thermometer probe cover
Meet the MInnovator
Lacy Wancowicz, RN
MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Lacey Wancowicz, RN has spent her entire 10-year nursing career at MedStar Franklin Square. Lacey loves finishing the day knowing you’ve helped somebody, frequently comforting them by listening and talking to them. She likes to educate patients on their illnesses. “Hopefully they’ll take better care of themselves.” Growing up around horses, Lacey wanted to be a veterinarian. “The first time I gave a shot, it was to a pig…that I had to catch first. People are easier.”
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