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It's How We Treat People

At MedStar Health, our community and grateful patients are critical philanthropic partners who uplift the expertise of our clinicians and care teams across the health system, impacting in a very positive way our ability to meet the healthcare needs of patients in our region. Philanthropic partners are investing in supporting the delivery of compassionate and high-quality patient care, educating the next generation of medical teams, and advancing medical research to advance healthcare into the future. Our gratitude for every individual and organization that chooses to become a philanthropic partner at MedStar Health is both immense and humbling.

During the last challenging year, much of our philanthropy-related efforts focused on ensuring our caregivers and associates would have all the important tools and resources they needed to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. An important priority during this time has been to ensure the well-being of our clinicians, care teams, and other associates. Philanthropic partners made a real difference in our ability to provide care for our caregivers over the past year, and we are thankful to all those who responded by supporting our efforts during this time.

"Thank you for all you are doing to care for those being affected by this horrendous disease. The work you are doing is not going unnoticed or unappreciated, and when this is all over, may we be able to give you all the proper thanks... We appreciate you, respect you, and are keeping you in our good thoughts to be able to provide healing to those who so desperately need it.”

-Dana G., grateful patient

Innovative philanthropy powered by gratitude.

Philanthropic partnerships made possible our vision of advancing patient care and supporting our caregivers in numerous ways:

State-of-the-art facilities that enable medical innovation and excellence:

Philanthropic support transformed many facilities through enhancements in 2020

  1. Opening of the Surgical Pavilion at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
  2. Continued construction of the Medical/Surgical Pavilion at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
  3. The new Michael Smith Liss and Lauren Elizabeth Lamb NICU Family Support Center at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital 

  4. The renovation and expansion of the Emergency Department at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center 
  5. The completion and grand opening of the ElectroPhysiology Lab of the Future in the Nancy and Harold Zirkin Heart Hospital at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

New clinical programs:

Clinical programs were created and expanded through philanthropic partnerships in 2020

  1. DC Safe Babies, Safe Moms Initiative at MedStar Health, supported by the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation
  2. Mobile Health Center at MedStar Harbor Hospital, in collaboration with the Baltimore Ravens and several other generous philanthropic partners
  3. Music Therapy program at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital
  4. Associate Emergency Support Fund and wellbeing initiatives programs supported by MedStar Health associates, Board members and generous community members
  5. COVID-19 Critical Needs Fund to establish coronavirus testing, treatment operations, and facilities as well as procure essential personal protective equipment to maintain safety for our care teams and patients

Technology, Quality and Safety, and Research:

Placing patients, safety, and innovation first in 2020

  1. MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center rapidly expanded its technology to safely deliver care services virtually to patients. Philanthropic partners supported a nearly 400% increase in telehealth outpatient volumes.
  2. MedStar eVisits experienced nearly 70,000 on-demand urgent care sessions supported by philanthropic partners.
  3. Inpatient eConsults increased exponentially to over 90,000 sessions. Within a year, philanthropy enabled the upscaling of this critical service and our telehealth services overall conducted over 770,000 sessions within the first year of the pandemic.
  4. The Integrated Digital Health Platform (IDHP) is an innovative online tool that was developed across our entire health system to facilitate online registration and appointments for COVID-19 vaccines. 81% of eligible patients registered for their vaccine on IDHP, resulting in 6,500 vaccines being administered across Maryland and Washington, D.C. within the first few months.
  5. Launched a study to understand the COVID-19 spread, symptoms, and vaccine adoption. Critical to our ability to combat the pandemic and research best practice applications across our expansive health system.
  6. Monoclonal Antibody treatment researched and executed by MedStar Health with the support from philanthropy.

Phi·lan·thro·py: the love of humankind

/fəˈlanTHrəpē/ noun

At MedStar Health, we work diligently every day to live up to our promise--it’s how we treat people. We use the best of our minds and the best of our hearts to serve our patients, those who care for them, and our communities.

"As a provider, there are few things more morally distressing to encounter than a social need and not having the resources to do anything about it. Our philanthropic partners have time and time again demonstrated compassion and generosity in supporting the basic social needs of our patients. In this way, philanthropy helps me, as a provider, change the course of a patient’s health, and sometimes, the course of their lives."

-Loral Patchen, PhD, CNM
MedStar Washington Hospital Center

The Safe Babies Safe Moms Initiative impacts the D.C. community

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2020 Philanthropy numbers at a glance

Total philanthropic investments: $77,094,899


*This graph depicts 2020 philanthropic partners at various ranges of giving and total philanthropic commitments within each range.

At MedStar Health, every expression of gratitude matters. Grateful patients, community members, foundations, and businesses make the impactful decision to share their time, treasure, talent, and testimony with our healthcare network to uplift and transform care for our region. Each philanthropic investment, regardless of size, is a symbol of trust to care for our community that we take seriously.

With a record-achieving year, all philanthropic investments and expressions of gratitude culminated to positively impact countless patients, their families, and our medical experts. Thank you to our philanthropic partners for an outstanding year.

Philanthropic gifts at all levels are valued and integral to the mission of MedStar Health. Below you’ll find examples on the positive impact our philanthropic partners have on patients at various levels of giving.

In the past year, how has my gift made an impact?

  • Your $25 contribution helped a patient with a prescription co-pay
  • Your $50 contribution funded a MedStar eVisit for a patient in need
  • Your $100 contribution put PPE in the hands of a clinician
  • Your $250 contribution fueled our mobile health center to travel to vulnerable patients Your $500 contribution strengthened our telehealth capabilities with updated technology