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Letter from the Vice-Chair - Family Medicine at MedStar Franklin Square

a letter from Sallie Rixey, MD, MEd, Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine and Co-director of the Joint Training Program in Family and Preventive Medicine, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health…

MedStar Franklin Square Family Medicine: Training Doctors to Build Healthy Communities

While our residents, staff and faculty worked diligently to succeed as a PCMH, we also turned our attention to the Neighborhood, and the population that we serve. Screening, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and chronic disease management is all well and good, but the biggest return on investment will come through collaborations that effectively address the social determinants of health. As stated in "Communities of Solution: The Folsom Report Revisited" (Annals of Family Medicine Vol 10 No3)

The 21st century primary care physician must be a true public health professional, forming partnerships and assisting data sharing with community organizations to facilitate healthy changes.

How do we ensure that our graduates develop the competencies to succeed as 21st century family physicians? What is the curriculum? Who are our partners?

We invite you to visit us and discover how the design of a Joint Training Program in Family and Preventive Medicine has changed the focus of the entire residency. 10 years ago we changed the curriculum to ensure that the ambulatory curriculum was as robust as it needed to be and added six blocks of Family Health Center to the educational experience. Now we have gone another step further by providing a minimum of one block for residents to develop a General Preventive Medicine practicum.

Residents are developing networks and projects with the Baltimore Department of Aging, The Y of Central Maryland, the Maryland State Department of Education, Health Care for the Homeless, the Baltimore County Health Department, and others. They apply their growing knowledge and skills in community engagement, epidemiology, translational research, policy and systems as they learn to make a difference. Graduate Sandhya Singh, described the program this way…"You made us champions".

I look forward to meeting each of you, to discover more about the journey that has brought you here, the connections you have made, and the populations that you are passionate about serving.

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