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Sallie Rixey, MD, MEd

Sallie Rixey, MD, MEd

Vice Chair, Department of Family Medicine
Co-Director of Family Medicine Preventive Medicine Education

"Forty years ago, as a Teacher Corps trainee in underserved, rural Burlington, Kansas, I discovered the power of collaboration to serve a population. It seems I have now come full circle as we at MedStar Franklin Square are enhancing our three-year curriculum by including general preventive medicine training for all residents, providing rural training opportunities in St. Mary's County, Maryland, and developing our Family Medicine-Preventive Medicine four-year joint training program in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health General Preventive Medicine Residency.

In 1982, my introduction to Baltimore and academic family medicine in the northeast region was as a member of the faculty at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where we developed the ambulatory family practice curriculum "The Family Care Track," another collaborative effort to take medical students out of the classroom and into the lives and communities of their patients. With a faculty appointment in the Department of Psychiatry, I served as the medical consultant for inpatients at the Walter P. Carter Psychiatric Facility, as medical consultant for psychiatry's Chronic Pain Service, and as a member of the advisory board for the House of Ruth.

In 1991, I joined the faculty at MedStar Franklin Square, "the community family medicine program in Maryland," and served as residency director from 2000 to 2010. Over the last ten years we have been very successful in achieving two five-year accreditation cycles from the RRC. As I have aged, so has the age of my practice, from pregnant women and children to one that focuses on seniors.

I have enjoyed teaching and learning about health care in the former Soviet Union, China, and Eritrea. I have had the opportunity to teach "Common Skin Problems and Their Not-So-Common Look-A-Likes" at our National Student and Resident annual meeting in Kansas City each year since 2006. To me, the best thing about academic family medicine is its scope...and that scope, here at MedStar Franklin Square, now includes rural training and public health."

Specialty: Family Medicine

Hometown: Baltimore City

Postgraduate Degrees: Master's in Education through Teacher Corps (Teach for America)

Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, Kansas

Residency: Family Medicine, University of Kansas School of Medicine

Scholarly Activity

  • Weiner, J. MD; Uduhiri, K. MD, MPH, MS; RIXEY, S MD, MEd: Integrating Public Health into a Resident Research Curriculum. STFM Conference, Baltimore, MD.  May 2013
  • Rixey, Encouraging Young Athletes to be Health Coaches…And Teaching Them How MedStar Annual Sports Symposium, Towson, MD, April 2013
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  • Association of American Medical Colleges Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 2012
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  • Family Medicine & Preventive Medicine: the Power of Collaboration Workshop held in conjunction with the 2011 FMEC Northeast Region meeting, Danvers, MA, 2011
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  • Common Skin Problems and Their Not-So-Common Look-A-Likes, Nationals, Kansas City, MO, 2006-2010
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  • Rixey, S. Family Medicine Workforce Presentation at Primary Care Summit, hosted by Dr. Peter Beilenson and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, May 21, 2009 

Professional Activities

  • FMEC Board of Trustees, 2012 - present
  • YMCA of Central Maryland, 2013 - Present
  • Formation Board of Directors of Evergreen Health Cooperative, Inc., 2011 to Present
  • Million Hearts Board, 2013
  • Maryland Medicine, the Maryland Medical Journal, 2004-2012
  • Residency Advisory Committee (RAC) for the General Preventive Medicine Residency at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, 2010-Present
  • President-Elect, FMEC Board, 2008-2010
  • Consortium/Advisory Committee for an Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR) grant Enhancing Prevention and Population Health Education, 2010-Present
  • Evergreen Medical Technical Work Group-with Peter Beilenson, Howard Co Health Department-A Fusion Project to redefine care through COOPs, 2010-Present
  • President, FMEC Board, 2010-Present
  • Featured in "As Promised", the philanthropy journal of the MedStar Franklin Square Center Foundation, 2009
  • Family Medicine Education (FMEC) Board, 2007-Present
  • Journal of Public Health, Management and Practice, 2000-Present