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First-Year Residents

Seung J. Chung, DO
Western University of Health Sciences, DO
Johns Hopkins University, MS
University of Maryland College Park, BS

Before completing my first year of college in Seoul, Korea, I moved to Annapolis, and I attended University of Maryland College Park, then continued with my graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University. I then moved to California to attend medical school and met my lovely wife. Now back in Maryland with three children, I finished 2 years of post-doc fellowship at Johns Hopkins and almost completed the Medical Services Management MBA program at the Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins. Through my experiences thus far, I have learned the importance of primary care in the future health care system in the U.S.  I am very excited to start practicing medicine and become a competent and compassionate family physician as I start my Family Medicine residency at Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center. Aside from medicine, I enjoy camping, BBQ-ing, skiing, fishing, participating in outdoor activities, and spending time with my growing family.

Kate Diehn, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine, MD
University of Maryland College Park, BS

I am just about as local as they come!  I grew up in Towson, a suburb of Baltimore County approximately 20 minutes from Franklin Square.  I attended University of Maryland College Park for undergrad, where I majored in biology and attended many basketball and football games.  Coming from a family of healthcare professionals, I knew I was destined to become a doctor.  However, after college I decided to take a year off and work as a teacher at school for children with special needs.  The following year I began medical school at University of Maryland School of Medicine, where I developed a strong interest in pediatrics and primary care. It was not until my third year clerkship at the Family Health Center at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center that I discovered my love for Family Medicine.  I was excited to find that Family Medicine takes a more integrative approach to health care that focuses on an individual’s overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.  I was also drawn to Family Medicine at Franklin Square because of the focus on interpersonal relationships as well the doctor-patient relationship.  At this point, I am certain that I chose the right specialty and residency program for me.  Although I have not decided exactly what I will do after completing residency, I hope to practice primary care and explore integrative medicine.  Outside of medicine, I enjoy the great outdoors, practicing yoga, going to see live music, spending time with my family, and hiking with my husband and dog.

Jean Masoso, MD
Indiana University School of Medicine, MD
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), BA 

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and came to the United States for college.  It was both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience.  The transition geographically and culturally helped me to discover a lot about myself including the fact that I love diversity.  I love learning new things and understanding new ideas I have never been exposed to before.  Above all I love interacting with people.  It was only fitting then that I would become a Family Medicine doc.

I chose MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center for residency because when I interviewed I felt surrounded by people who would be supportive of me and who would allow me to grow in the way that best suited my personality.  I am also excited to remain in a bigger city, having lived in Indianapolis for 8 years.   

I chose Family Medicine because of the full approach we take to the patient’s health and lifestyle improvement.  My favorite area of focus is women’s health including OB.

My hobbies including sewing, knitting, cooking and shopping.

Allison Parker-Fahey, MD
St. George's University, MD
University of Maryland, BS

I am originally from Laytonsville, MD and grew up in Montgomery County.  I tutored children with autism during my undergraduate years.  I then lived and worked near Washington, DC at an OB-GYN office in Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase for 2 years after getting my undergraduate degree.  I enjoy continuity of care and appreciate the importance of good relationships with patients.  These elements, combined with my interests in women's health, children with disabilities, as well as preventive medicine and primary care, made Family Medicine the obvious choice for me.  MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is an ideal location for me to obtain my training because I am finally back in Maryland and close to family and friends.  When I am not working I love to do yoga, try new things, go to sporting events, or watch a movie classic.

Crystal Peralta, MD
St. Matthew's University, MD
University of Western Ontario, M.Sc.
University of Toronto Ontario

I am a "Canuck" as they say--born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It's funny that as a child I suffered from separation anxiety and always felt the need to always stay close to home.  I stayed local and attended the University of Toronto Ontario and majored in Biology and Crime and Deviance.  I also attended the University of Western Ontario, where I obtained my Master's Degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, specifically focusing on NK cells and their affects on fertility in women.  However, somewhere along the way, two very special kinds of love (medicine, and my new husband) swept me off my feet, and I somehow found myself in foreign territory pursuing them both.  I attended St. Matthew's University School of Medicine in the Cayman Islands.  My school allowed me the unique opportunity to experience the American medical system through rotations in various cities all around the US.  This adventure made me realize just how much the city of Baltimore had to teach me.  Thus, I chose MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center because the residency program's emphasis on outstanding patient-centered care and focus on both urban and community health matters fully reflected my own aspirations.  I also felt that this program could support my interests in women's care and desires to further contribute to research about infertility.  

In my spare time I am enjoying being a newlywed.  My husband grew up here in Maryland, and so I love exploring this beautiful state with him.  We are big foodies and we love dogs.  I also enjoy singing and will catch a live performance of any kind when I can.   

My long-term goal is to be able to make my way back to Canada.  I would love to be able to bring back with me the experiences and knowledge obtained from residency to establish a small private practice of my own which would service those in my local community.  But for now, I am very excited to be here in my new home and feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful Franklin Square family!

Rachael Randall, MD
St. George's University, MD
Ohio State University, BS

After studying abroad while a student at Ohio State majoring in Biology and International Studies, I fell in love with travelling and experiencing new cultures.  I spent time working in a Dermatology practice and once in medical school was able to experience healthcare on a global scale, as I studied in the UK as well as Grenada and New York City.  During my clinical years, the exposure to all facets of medicine allowed me to see that primary care is where my heart is.  Being able to be the "home base" of healthcare and truly impact the lives of people each and every day in all realms of health, whether physical, mental or emotional, strongly appeals to me.  Those cumulative experiences of travel and cross-cultural exposure led me to the belief that the most important aspect of any situation, especially one as grueling as a residency program, is the people by whom you find yourself surrounded.  Here at Medstar Franklin Square I found staff, faculty and fellow residents who are more than willing to go out of their way for one another and, most importantly, for the patient.  This opportunity to work with people who share my vision of a warm, open teaching environment and who are sincerely committed to the well-being of others is what led me to my decision to pursue residency training at Franklin Square.

Other than travelling when I can, I love to be outdoors.  Put me on a coast and I'll be happy.  Spending time with friends and family is really the bread and butter of life, so making time to travel around the country and visit them is a high priority for me during my down time, though as Baltimore has a lot to offer, most people are more than willing to make the trip to see my new hometown. 

Maryann Salib, DO
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, DO
University of Maryland Baltimore County, BS

I was born at MedStar Harbor Hospital and raised in the Baltimore area.  I studied at UMBC as a Meyerhoff scholar, and attended LECOM for medical school.  My desire to care for the underserved and, specifically, to do so through the practice of medicine grew largely out of several mission trips to Africa and other places around the world.  Slowly that passion migrated home, in the form of a desire to serve the needs of my own city.  From there, I was drawn to the Family Medicine program at MedStar Franklin Square.  It's a program that echoes my desire to serve this community and is filled with attendings who are invested in and committed to my success and growth both as a physician and a person.  I met the Franklin Square residents for the first time at an FMEC conference, and I immediately felt at home.  Family Medicine for me was a logical choice considering my diverse interests and my goals of reaching families and communities with holistic medical care.  Additionally, as a family doc, I have the opportunity to bring about healthy life changes through partnering with my patients in long-term relationships. 

My interests include OB, adolescent medicine, HIV, substance abuse and mental health.  My future goals include working in an urban FQHC that is actively engaged and partnering with the local community. Outside of medicine, I love to travel, especially on mission trips, watch ice hockey (Go Caps!), and spend time with my friends, family, and my high school youth group.  I am very proud to be from "Charm City!"  Though I don't enjoy crabs much, I love Old Bay and Berger cookies, and will always cheer on the Ravens!  I feel blessed to be a part of the MedStar Franklin Square Family Medicine Residency Program and I am excited to serve and learn from this community. 

Arifuz Zaman, MD
American University of Antigua College of Medicine, MD
Johns Hopkins University, BS

I have been a resident of the state of Maryland my entire life and I truly can’t imagine practicing anywhere else. Having spent my four undergraduate years in Baltimore while attending Johns Hopkins University, I now get the opportunity to return to ‘Charm City’ and the Greater Baltimore area. The city has a lot to offer, from its great sports teams to the Inner Harbor and the delicious crab cakes. During my free time, I read, shoot hoops, and attempt new cooking concoctions.

As a college student, I sought ways to improve my community. I volunteered at Johns Hopkins Hospital as well as St. Joseph Medical Center. It was then that I first noticed Baltimore’s amazingly friendly and diverse patient population. I made a promise to myself that I’d be back. Fast-forward several years later and here I am!

The strong rapport and personable environment maintained between physician and patient is one of the major reasons why I chose Family Medicine. Between the welcoming nature of the faculty and house staff, the dedication to teaching, and the organization of the hospital, I instantly fell in love with MedStar Franklin Square. It was without a doubt the best choice for me and I’m excited to be a part of the MedStar Franklin Square family. I hope to stay on post-residency as a hospitalist.

First-Year Combined Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine resident:

Richard Bruno, MD
Oregon Health & Science University, MD
Princeton University, BA

I grew up in Arkansas and spent summers working as a camp counselor to kids with disabilities. My grandfather and his grandfather were both physicians, and though I never met them, I feel honored to continue their legacy by serving others.

My contribution to medicine is rooted in the fight for health justice for all, and I’m building my career to mobilize this vision of universal healthcare with my entire medical community. I have an interest in nutrition and its role in disease, and feel that empowering patients with the latest information is key to them making sound health decisions. Ideally, clinic practices, community programs, and civic policies all work together for the public good, and I want to help on all three levels. Training in the new, joint Family and Preventive Medicine program at MedStar Franklin Square and Johns Hopkins will allow me to be a more versatile physician.

I enjoy playing and listening to music, hiking, biking, and cooking. After seven years in Oregon, my wife, daughter, son, and I are very much looking forward to living in Maryland again. MedStar Franklin Square's century-old community ties are deep-rooted and I am excited to contribute to improving the health of Baltimoreans, both on and off campus.

I tweet thoughts on advocacy/activism on topics of nutrition, music, and healthcare as @ridgebardo