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What Medical Students Say About Their Rotation

"MedStar Franklin Square's family medicine program is amazing. The teaching is phenomenal. I was not interested in family medicine until I came to this clinic and now I have a hard time convincing myself to do a residency in something else."

- Third-year medical student from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and say thanks to everyone at MedStar Franklin Square for the great month that I had doing family practice. You are all fantastic and I've already recommended it to each and every one of my classmates. From suturing up pigs feet to seeing great patients to eating gourmet lunches while looking at overheads of boils, it was everything I was looking for and more. I came there wondering if I wanted to do family practice, and I left wondering if there was any reason why I shouldn't. In my search for the answer to that ever pervasive question that hounds me through medical school, "what should I do with the rest of my life," family practice has definitely bolted to the front of the line. At MedStar Franklin Square I got to see a positive work environment that is matched only by its expertise and compassion for patients. You are all great and I hope to see you all again soon."

- Third-year medical student from Johns Hopkins University

"MedStar Franklin Square family medicine is fantastic! The team there is so supportive and so knowledgeable. It is a terrific learning environment for students at all levels. I wish I could go back for ALL rotations. They made me seriously reconsider my decision to go into OB because I was so impressed with the quality of residents and staff and by how dedicated they are to their patients."

- Third-year medical student from University of Maryland

"I was at MedStar Franklin Square with Dr. Dimitrov. I liked the rotation. It was nice that I was able to find people that I enjoyed working with and that I had the ability to keep working with them. I also liked that I could just look at the schedule and see what procedures/patients/problems I wanted to see that day and then go find the doctor that was seeing those patients."

- Third-year medical student from University of Maryland