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Conferences - Family Medicine at MedStar Georgetown

In addition to regularly scheduled rounds and conferences offered by the specialty services through which the residents rotate, the following rounds and conferences are organized by the program:

Ambulatory Care

A core curriculum of ambulatory care topics is taught over a two-year cycle. These conferences address common problems seen in the Family Physician's office as well as preventive medicine, child development, problems of adolescence, pregnancy, and aging.

Family Medicine Ward Rounds and Morning Report

Family Medicine Center patients requiring hospitalization are admitted to the Family Medicine Service at Providence. The ward team is composed of a first, second, and third year resident and Family Medicine faculty member. The team provides day-to-day care for our patients. In addition to conducting daily morning report and teaching rounds, the faculty lead regular in-depth case discussions with the residents.

Noon Conferences

These resident run conferences are held at the Fort Lincoln Family Medicine Center and provide an interactive discussion of timely Family Medicine topics in an informal setting over lunch.

Evening Report

Evening Report is held daily at the Family Medicine Center following the afternoon office session. These sessions are an opportunity for presentation and discussion of interesting clinical problems encountered that day, as well as opportunity for discussion of various management options among faculty and residents.

Journal Club

Journal Club is a resident-led, faculty facilitated discussion about a paper and clinical question chosen by the resident. The conference fosters evidence-based medicine skills and a critical reading of the medical literature.

Resident Well-Being Conferences

These allow residents the opportunity to provide peer support and to discuss various aspects of the residency and patient care in both structured and unstructured forums. The discussions are led by residency faculty.

Resident and Faculty Retreats

Semi-annual retreats are held at an off-site location to allow the residents and faculty to participate in the ongoing review and enhancement of various aspects of the residency program and the Family Medicine Center. Team building activities are also an integral part of these retreats.