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Internal Medicine Residency at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Applicant Information


Salary and Benefits


  • 10 Categorical Medicine (three-year) residents a year
  • 7 Preliminary Medicine (one-year) residents a year (for graduates seeking one year of experience in internal medicine before training in neurology, dermatology, ophthalmology, radiology or other specialties)


  • Full-time faculty of 24 generalists and specialists (full-time faculty members hold appointments at the University of Maryland and/or The Johns Hopkins University Schools of Medicine)
  • Volunteer faculty of more than 100 specialists and subspecialists
  • Full-time program coordinator

Goals and Objectives

  • To emphasize excellence in patient care
  • To educate residents in the diagnosis and management of acute episodic illness and chronic disease in outpatient and inpatient settings. The significant affiliation of MedStar Franklin Square with the University of Maryland School of Medicine and MedStar Union Memorial Hospital offers our residents access to patients across a wide demographic spectrum
  • To educate residents in areas not traditionally emphasized in internal medicine training, including geriatrics and home healthcare, behavioral medicine, women's health, interviewing skills and medical ethics
  • To provide basic skills to effectively teach other healthcare professionals
  • To instill the fundamental idea that medical education is an ongoing, lifelong process
  • To show residents the importance of understanding illness within the patient's life context and belief system

We Value Physicians Who…

  • Share our commitment to excellence in patient care and lifelong learning
  • Seek to understand the psychosocial dynamics of illness, as well as the science and technology of disease
  • Relentlessly pursue the answers to clinical problems
  • Value the camaraderie and esprit de corps of colleagues working together
  • Willingly accept responsibility for patients, teaching, learning and leadership

For more information, contact Susan Rogers, Residency Coordinator, at 443-777-7676, toll-free at 1-800-688-8169 or e-mail