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Internal Medicine Residency at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Stephanie Detterline, MD, FACP

Letter from the Program Director
Stephanie Detterline, MD, FACP

Welcome! I am so glad you've found us and are considering our program to further your medical training. I understand you have a lot of great choices out there for residency training and it's my job to convince you that MedStar Union Memorial Hospital should be your home for the next one to three years.

Like healthcare in the United States, our program is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. This is my first year as the program director, we have a new department chairman, and we are embarking on a process of increased collaboration with another MedStar hospital, MedStar Good Samaritan, just 3 miles to our north. I feel confident that all of these changes will allow us to remain creative and innovative, better care for our patients, and provide an excellent residency experience for you.

I want to share with you my mission and vision for our residency and allow that to help you get to know us better and discern whether this is the right place for you.

Mission: To train highly skilled, compassionate, and balanced general internists in a supportive environment that fosters the growth of individual interests and talents. We seek to train physicians from diverse backgrounds to become leaders and agents of change in whatever setting they choose for their career.

At MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, we want you to become excellent physicians but we also want you to be happy, well-rounded and excellent people. Our job is to support you, mentor you, and bring out the best in you. We are looking for diversity in all of its forms and want you to become a leader and change agent in our world. Now, onto the vision of our program:

In the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital residency training program we pledge:

  • To provide our patients with compassionate, evidence-based, and cost-conscious care.

    Patients are the whole reason we are here, right? At MedStar Union Memorial, we want them to be at the top of our vision statement and we won't forget that their needs come first. We are very serious about providing patient-centered, compassionate care that puts patients at ease, respects their needs, and allows them to take an active role in their care. At the same time, this compassionate care must be high value (rooted in evidence) and provided with an awareness of how our care impacts the cost of health care for the patient, our health system, and society as a whole.

  • To uphold the highest professional standards in the practice of internal medicine and be a model program to others both inside and outside of MedStar Health.

    What we mean by the 'highest professional standards' is that we expect accountability, professionalism and honestly of ourselves and our colleagues in our daily practice. This includes admitting our mistakes, being transparent in our actions, and a continuing process of honest self-evaluation. Further, we want other programs to look at our body of work with respect and the desire to duplicate our outcomes.

  • To educate the next generation of physicians in the above principles and graduate competent individuals ready for the independent practice of medicine.

    We are serious about training physicians for the future. When you walk up to the podium at The Centre Club of Baltimore on graduation night, that diploma you receive is not just a piece of paper. Your diploma is something you have earned through hard work in meeting all of the competencies required to independently practice medicine. We do not take this lightly and have a detailed process to ensure you are on the right path making progress to graduation, every step of the way.

  • To encourage and inspire our graduates to choose the practice of general internal medicine.

    There's no doubt that our country, our state, our city, and most importantly, the very neighborhood where MedStar Union Memorial is located needs primary care physicians. We are dedicated and committed to training general internists of the future, and I'm not afraid to say that. That will be our focus moving forward. We are looking for students who have a passion for primary care. That could mean hospital medicine, outpatient practice, academic practice, endocrinology, sports medicine or a mix of any of those. We are going to spend a lot of energy in making these experiences attractive during your residency and providing you with the opportunities available to enter into the workforce with a rewarding job that pays well and honors quality of life.

I have only just begun to give you some good insight as to who we are here at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. If my words resonate with you, we may be a good fit for each other. Please explore the rest of the site to get to know more about me, the other faculty members, and, of course, our residents and residency program. I think you'll agree, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital is a very special place.

Thanks again for your interest,

Stephanie Detterline, MD, FACP
Program Director