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Behavioral Health

Knowledge and skills in behavioral medicine are important to all physicians, regardless of specialty. Our residency program places emphasis on the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of medical care. Understanding the life context of a patient's illness is critical to providing long-term care and to delivering results. Helping patients recognize why they feel the way they do is a keystone to building physician-patient rapport and providing effective care.

Residents participate in a behavioral medicine clinic precepted by a clinical psychologist. This clinical experience focuses on the constructs of patient behavior-why they do what they do. Topics in psychiatric disorders and treatment also are covered. Teaching sessions on the related issues of interviewing skills and the physician-patient relationship are part of the ambulatory rotations.

Behavioral medicine extends beyond the patient, and teaches physicians to understand the reasons for their own behavior and feelings. To facilitate this process, our Director of Behavioral Science conducts separate support groups for interns and residents monthly.