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Department of Internal Medicine

Dana FrankA lot of really exciting change is taking place in our department and our residency program.  One such change is the integration of the Departments of Medicine at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital and MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, just three miles to the north.

With this integration, we welcomed a new Chairman of Medicine, Dana Frank, who was previously in the chairman role at MedStar Good Samaritan.

Dr. Frank not only brings a great amount of experience in patient care and practice management, but also fresh ideas and a great vision for the future of our departments.  We have no doubt that he will honor and respect our department’s rich history while fostering forward-thinking innovation and collaboration. 

You may be wondering how this change will affect you as a future resident in our program.  Read on, and I’m sure you will find that we are moving in a positive direction.  We can’t necessarily tell you what the future will look like at MedStar Union Memorial, but we think you’ll want to stick around to find out. 

Some of the goals of the integrated department include:

  • Combine faculty to enhance best practices
  • Maintain an academically oriented program focused on primary care, both outpatient and inpatient, with intensive faculty involvement
  • Ensure preparation for those who wish to pursue fellowships
  • Provide professional opportunities within the Central Maryland-Washington area for those interested in a primary care career
  • Instill the values of teamwork, lifelong learning and patient safety
  • Create a collegial, family-like atmosphere where learning is fun
  • Provide excellent research opportunities

Associate Program Directors

Radhika VijDr. Radhika Vij is an associate program director and director of the Adult Medicine Center (AMC) at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.  She also has a special interest in international health and medicine and serves as the director of international travel health services at MedStar Union Memorial.  

She was born and raised in India and moved to Baltimore to complete her training in internal medicine at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, where she also served as chief resident.  She then joined the faculty at MedStar Union Memorial, where, in addition to caring for patients, she has spent the last decade deeply committed to medical education. 

Radhika stays extremely busy at the AMC, where the majority of our residency outpatient training and education occurs. She not only coordinates the residents’ clinical and didactic schedules, but also champions the multiple subspecialty clinics that run inside of the AMC. Radhika is always recognized by residents and students as someone who is an excellent teacher, bringing a tremendous amount of thoughtfulness and compassion into every patient interaction.  

Dr. Vij considers it an honor and a privilege to be engaged in the role of resident education, enhancing the personal and professional development of young physicians.  She is committed to creating and maintaining an exceptional learning environment and finds that her patients and residents continue to inspire her each day.

Outside of work, Radhika enjoys spending time with her family, music, reading and traveling.

Eskandar Yazaji

Dr. Eskandar "Alex" Yazaji is also an associate program director as well as vice chairman of Medicine and the chief quality & safety officer at MedStar Union Memorial.  His special interests include patient safety and practicing quality medicine.

Alex received his medical degree from Damascus University and went on to residency training in internal medicine at MedStar Union Memorial followed by a fellowship in geriatric medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

In 2004, he worked in Delaware as a hospitalist medical director until returning to Baltimore to join the teaching faculty at MedStar Union Memorial in 2008.  Since then, Dr. Yazaji has made significant contributions to our education program and to the hospital in his work as vice chair and as chief quality officer.  He is well loved by residents who enjoy his quick wit and easy sense of humor. They know their learning curve is very high when they round with Dr. Yazaji.

Alex thinks of himself as a simple guy; enjoying things like getting together with his family and friends, working out, watching movies, traveling, eating out and playing cards.  He is definitely a geek, always trying out new technology and giving Dr. Detterline a hard time about having an iPhone!