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Faculty - Internal Medicine at MedStar Union Memorial

Core General Medicine Teaching Faculty

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The core resident and student general medicine teaching faculty (pictured left to right) Drs. Meegan Chestnut, Alexander Chen,Stephanie Detterline, EskandarYazaji and Radhika Vij.

Full-Time Critical Care and Pulmonary Faculty

Drs. Buescher, Sarkar, Rizk, Ayash and Sloane supervise patient care and teaching in our modern 24-bed critical care unit; they also supervise the pulmonary clinic and pulmonary elective.

Core Cardiology Faculty

Drs. Mugmon, Goldscher, Quartner and Kershner are among the teaching core for our nationally recognized interventional cardiology program.

Endocrine Group

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital sponsored fellowship is the only community sponsored medical fellowship in Maryland.

Core ED Staff

Residents rotate through the ED in the second and third year and have extensive interaction while admitting patients to general medicine and critical care.

Geriatric and Palliative Care Medicine

Other faculty

Dr. Ramesh Khurana

Ramesh Khurana, Chief of Neurology. Supervises PG2 rotation. Nationally recognized expert in autonomic neurology and migraines.

Robert Mathieson

Robert Mathieson, Chief of GI. Supervisor of GI rotation and consult service and new (2008) endoscopy suite. Excellent outpatient teaching experience. Supervises Maryland GI fellows at MedStar Union Memorial.

Dr. Abhijit Bhatia

Abhijit Bhatia, M.D. Gastroenterology/Digestive Disease. Specialist in ERCP.

Monte Meltzer

Monte Meltzer, Chief of Dermatology. Runs Dermatology Clinic and teaching rotation.

Dr. Nasser Nasseri

Nasser Nasseri, Chief of Rheumatology at MedStar Union Memorial for three years. Excellent resident outpatient experience. Supervises Maryland rheumatology fellows in MedStar Union rheumatology clinics.

Maha Mohetabash

Mahsa Mohebtash, newest full-time faculty member, 2006 resident graduate of MedStar Union Memorial and 2009 graduate of NIH fellowship in hematology/oncology.
Momina Mastoor Momina Mastoor, major teacher of non-invasive cardiology.
John Wong John Wang, Head of interventional cardiology
  Aksay Amin, Chief of Nephrology, supervisor for groups that share very busy inpatient and outpatient nephrology care and teaching rotation at MedStar Union Memorial.