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Research - Ophthalmology at MedStar Washington

Scholarly activity is encouraged in the program in a variety of ways. Residents are taught the basic principles of clinical research during their weekly didactics. They learn how to conduct research and the basic principles of data analysis. They learn how to obtain approval for projects through the MWHC Institutional Review Board. Each first year resident is expected to present a poster of their preliminary research ideas at the annual Residents' Day in June. In the second year, there is protected time for residents to continue to refine their projects, conduct studies and meet with faculty mentors regarding their projects. Each second year resident gives a presentation of their research project at Residents' Day. Each second and third year resident does a presentation of their research at Residents' Day. When funding is needed for research, the department is able to provide the financial resources needed for the resident's project. When statistical analysis is needed, the Department of Biostatistics at Georgetown University is available to work with the resident on data analysis. Basic science research is also available to residents at MGUH.

The program further encourages residents' research by sponsoring their attendance at scientific meetings where their studies are presented. This encourages residents to produce high quality studies for presentation at national ophthalmology meetings.

For more information, contact:

Penelope Helfgott
Executive Director
Washington National Eye Center
110 Irving Street, N.W., Suite 1A-1
Washington, D.C. 20010
Phone: (202) 877-6159