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Transitional Year Residency at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

The MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/Inova Fairfax Hospital Transitional Residency Program provides clinical training in general medicine, pediatrics and emergency medicine to physicians entering subspecialty training programs including ophthalmology, radiology, neurology and others.

The transitional program integrates participants into current residency programs. A varied educational experience is provided to each resident. Residents in the program have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills related to the medical diagnosis and management of adult and pediatric patients and to participate in the care of critically ill patients.

Emphasis is placed on understanding the pathologic and physiologic mechanisms of disease, and on the principles of diagnosis and treatment. Residents in the program are responsible for both diagnostic and therapeutic management, and are expected to perform and participate in the same manner as residents at a similar experience level in currently existing teaching services.

For more information on the Transitional Year Residency and its primary clinical site, Inova Fairfax Hospital, please click here.