Physician-Focused Philosophy

The relationship that develops among the referring physicians, patients, and our staff becomes an integral aspect of our personal involvement in your patient's health care. We originally developed and continue to refine our centers in response to patient need and physician confidence. The evolvement of our centers to meet these needs is ongoing and is a major part of our philosophy.

We will maintain regular contact with you through written correspondence to keep you informed of your patient's progress, and through telephone calls when necessary to confer on decisions regarding their treatment. Because your patients need information to help them make the best treatment decisions, we endeavor to educate them in the basic principles and practices of radiation therapy. Additionally, we work in close collaboration with our medical oncology and surgical oncology colleagues to provide state-of-the-art, multi-modality care for patients.

When you refer a patient to RadAmerica, you are entrusting us with the privilege of treating that patient with the highest standard of care. As a measure of that commitment, we have created an internal quality control group called the Quality Management Council. This council is made up of staff members from all disciplines involved in patient care, including the medical director, and the director of quality assurance. Their charter is to ensure that patient care remains at the highest level of quality possible and that our accreditations are maintained.

Radiation Therapy Team