Radiation Therapy

radiation therapyYou (or a member of your family) have been referred to a radiation oncologist, a physician specially trained in the use of radiation to treat disease, for evaluation of radiation therapy's role in your cancer treatment. Before recommending this treatment for you, the radiation oncologist thoroughly reviews your medical history. If you can benefit from radiation, a treatment plan will be recommended and carried out by the RadAmerica team.

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is the careful use of high energy x-rays, electrons and other sources of radiation in the treatment of cancer and occasionally benign diseases. There are many types of cancers and they behave in different ways. Because of these variations, there are often multiple treatment methods available. Radiation therapy may be used to cure disease, control disease, or control the symptoms of disease (such as pain).

A radiation oncologist is a physician specializing in the use of radiation to treat cancer. Radiation oncologists may use radiation to shrink or destroy a tumor. Radiation therapy is one the three major methods available to treat cancer. It can be used alone, or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy alone is the best treatment for certain types of cancer and some benign (non-cancerous) diseases. Other types of cancer may require radiation treatments to be delivered along with other therapeutic agents such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy. It can be used to shrink tumors prior to surgical removal, or after surgery to destroy tumor cells that may exist microscopically in the surgical area. We utilize sophisticated computer equipment and software to perform dosimetry calculations and treatment planning for maximum benefit and minimal doses to normal tissue.



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