Radiation Treatment Options

radiation_therapyWe offer a variety of types of radiation therapies throughout our nine locations. Each of our centers utilizes state of the art equipment to deliver radiation therapy treatment. Our staff have specialized skills, and continuously stay a abreast with the new technology that constantly is changing to improve patient care. 

We utilize sophisticated computer equipment and software to perform dosimetry calculations and treatment planning for maximum benefit and minimal doses to normal tissue. Treatment planning determines the number of fields (portals) required to treat the tumor site optimally and the direction the beams will take to enter your body. At various intervals during the course of therapy, port films will be taken to verify this placement.

All patient treatment will be precisely customized with the latest technology. Our facilities and services are designed with your care, comfort and convenience in mind.

Radiation Safety

We want to protect you from unnecessary radiation. Therefore, we enlist the use of essential safeguards to ensure that significant radiation is applied only to a specific area. For example, our machines are fully shielded and comply with rigorous state and federal safety regulations. Safeguards built into the machines limit the radiation to the field marked by the treatment team.



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