CyberKnife Treatment Process


1. Initial consultation: During your consultation, the procedure and its risks and benefits will be explained in detail.

2. Fiducial placement: Fiducials are small (1 mm in diameter, approximately 5 mm long), cylindrical markers implanted into soft tissues in or near the tumor (lesion) for the purpose of accurately guiding the CyberKnife radiation beams.

3. CT scan: Your MedStar medical team will use a CT scan to identify the exact size, shape, and location of the tumor and the healthy surrounding tissues to avoid.

4. Tumor mapping: Your MedStar CyberKnife team will review your CT scan in great detail and plan your treatment.

5. Treatment: CyberKnife treatment may be given one to five times, depending on individual needs.

6. Side effects: Possible side effects vary, and will be discussed during your consultation. Fatigue may occur a few days after treatment, and generally improves within two to three weeks; if needed, your doctor will prescribe medication to help.

7. Follow-up: Follow-up visits are scheduled after treatment is complete. Your team will perform follow-up imaging to monitor the tumor's treatment response. You'll meet with doctors to discuss these image results and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Location Information

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Cancer Institute
CyberKnife Center
9103 Franklin Square Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21237

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