Skin Brachytherapy

David_PerryWhat is Skin Brachytherapy?

Electronic surface brachytherapy, or skin brachytherapy,  is a form of radiotherapy that is an option for treating non – melanoma skin cancers.  Electronic surface brachytherapy uses a portable machine that physicians apply through an applicator placed directly on the skin.  The procedure is a painless, non-invasive alternative for those not able or willing to undergo surgical excision.

HDR electronic brachytherapy for carefully selected skin cancers is an excellent treatment option and requires a multi-disciplinary approach between the dermatologists and radiation oncology team.

Quick Facts About Skin Cancer  

  • Skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide
  • There are more cases of skin cancers than all other cancers combined
  • Skin cancer procedures are growing at an estimated 4-6% per year
  • Treatment options include Electrodessication & Curretage, wide excision, cryotherapy, photogynamic therapy, tropical creams and radiation therapy

Treating Skin Cancer with Brachytherapy

Physicians apply a portable machine through an applicator placed directly on the skin. Each treatment takes from 3-6 minutes. Typically, treatment requires a total of 8 fractions per lesion administered twice weekly, at 6 minutes per lesion. Since the procedure is non-surgical, it requires much less treatment time than traditional radiotherapy.


  • The procedure is a painless, non-invasive treatment option
  • Excellent cosmetic results, particularly in difficult locations such as the eyes, nose, ears, scalp and joints
  • A shorter course of treatment that allows for immediate return to normal, daily activity

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