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Associate Giving Campaign: The Power to Heal

Giving: The Power to Heal

As associates at MedStar Health Research Institute, each of us touches the lives of hundreds of people – our patients, their families and the community – every day through the work and research we do.

However, here is something you might not know; whether you are a clinician, you work in an administrative role or provide support to key services; every associate has their own Power to Heal. For this reason, MedStar has established the Associate Giving campaign to encourage all associates to help our organization and patient care in a unique way that extends beyond the high level of research that MedStar Health Research Institute provides.
Giving: The Power to Heal is a campaign created to provide associates with the opportunity to support MHRI's mission to "Advance Health Through Research.". The entire amount of your gift – 100% - is allocated directly to MHRI or the MedStar Health hospital or entity of your choice. All contributions to MedStar, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, are tax deductible as allowed by law. Giving is easy and can be arranged online through payroll deduction or by making a one-time gift.

Philanthropic gifts of all sizes help MHRI and our hospitals provide the best care to every patient every day, and also to support medical innovations that benefit everyone we serve.

Your philanthropic donation through payroll deduction is an investment in the future of medicine and advances MedStar's commitment to "create knowledge through research."

Join MedStar Health Research Institute now by participating in our Associate Giving Campaign: Giving - The Power to Heal!

Ways to Give

  1. Pledge to make a tax-deductible contribution via payroll deduction for 2014

    1. Make a pledge online
    2. Print out a pledge form. Download form as a Word document or PDF.
    The process is simple. To enroll, click the link to fill out the pledge form, indicate how much you'd like to give each pay period, and that amount will be deducted directly from your paycheck. Then watch and see how giving has the power to heal!

    Examples of how you can give more than you realize through payroll deduct.

    • $10 per pay period = $260
    • $25 per pay period = $650
    • $50 per pay period = $1,300
    • $100 per pay period = $2,600
    • $200 per pay period = $5,200
  2. Make a one time gift in 2013 via:

    1. Credit Card
    2. Check. Download form as a Word document or PDF.
* Download Adobe Reader.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please call Megan Long, Manager of Sustained Giving, at 410-772-6670.