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MedStar Health’s stroke rehabilitation programs, located at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital and MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital, are some of the most advanced inpatient rehabilitation programs in the region and both are designated as a CARF-accredited Specialty Program for Stroke. Our program is one of the busiest in the mid-Atlantic region as well. In a typical year, we will discharge more than 850 patients. We also have a comprehensive outpatient stroke recovery program.

Recovery and rehabilitation

Quick intervention in a stroke can save a life, but long-term rehabilitation can give many victims back their quality of life as well. MedStar Health's specialists include occupational therapists, physical therapists, and case managers who provide guidance and encouragement to help the patients “retrain the brain.” Therapy is available on an inpatient and outpatient basis and is customized to each individual’s needs. 

Stroke rehabilitation services

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The Stroke Rehabilitation Services at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the most advanced inpatient rehabilitation programs of its type in the region and has been designated a CARF-accredited Specialty Program for Stroke. Our program is one the busiest in the area as well. In a typical year, we will discharge more than 600 patients.

We treat individuals recovering from the effects of a stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA), including:

  • Aphasia

  • Dysphagia and other swallowing disorders
  • Foot Drop
  • Hemiparesis
  • Seizures

  • Sleep disorders
  • Spasticity

Stroke rehabilitation services program highlights

  • Each patient has a care team that is led by their physician and includes: certified rehabilitation nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language pathologists, a social worker, a psychologist or neuropsychologist, a recreational therapist and a nutritionist.
  • Care begins with an evaluation of the patient’s injury and impairments; the team develops an individualized treatment plan, tailored to the patient's specific needs.
  • The plan of care centers on physical recovery, along with the management of communicative, cognitive, and behavioral issues.
  • The team, along with the patient and their caregivers, collaborate to develop short- and long-term goals.
  • The team works in an interdisciplinary fashion, with daily meetings to review and reexamine the progress of these goals.
  • These goals could include improvement in walking, speech, memory, dressing, bathing and other activities of daily living.
  • Both individual and group therapy is utilized, providing patients the opportunity to practice skills in different environments and to share their experiences with others.
  • Our therapists often use the ZeroG®—a robotic gait and balance training system—as well as the Lokomat and LiteGait systems, to safely help patients learn how to walk again.
  • Spiritual care services are available for all patients, families, and caregivers.
  • Because family members and caregivers are a critical part of the treatment team, we provide focused training to help them understand the potential changes in their loved one's behavior, ambulation, communication and ability to care for themselves.
  • Education also focuses on the prevention of recurrent stroke, and helps prepare families and caregivers for the patients’ needs.
  • Each patient receives a copy of a guidebook – an accessible and easy-to-understand guide to facing the challenges of life after stroke.
  • Orthotics, braces, seating, mobility and rehabilitation engineering services are available on site.
  • Because research is at the core of the advancement of stroke care, we offer many opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials that are being offered at MedStar Health or through one of our research partners. Learn more about stroke recovery research opportunities.

Before a patient is discharged, their team will recommend services they might need in order to transition to the next level of care. This could include our Transitions Neuro Day Treatment program or outpatient services, including speech language pathology services, offered throughout our rehabilitation network. If needed, home care will be arranged for the patient, and may include services offered through the MedStar Health Home Care. Our job is to build a road map for your recovery—and to support you along the journey as you rebuild your life.

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MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital

5601 Loch Raven Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21239

MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

102 Irving St. NW
Washington, DC 20010

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Program outcomes

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Program Outcomes


Being mobile again

Stroke patient: Rehab ‘Gave me Hope’

“The entire team was phenomenal! I learned to sleep at night, sleep better. My speech therapist was awesome! The team at MedStar NRH helped me get better. I could not ask for a better place.” – Debi, Lusby, MD

“I feel fortunate that I came to MedStar NRH for stroke rehabilitation. Everything from the physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and the day treatment program were essential in helping me get back to my new normal.” – Sally, Washington, D.C.

“I am grateful my stroke did not take away my ability to understand and process that my higher-level thinking was not affected. I am grateful to my therapists at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital.” – Michael, Chevy Chase, MD

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