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Did your imaging tests reveal an abnormal “spot” on your lungs?

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When a CT scan shows a lung nodule, prompt evaluation could save your life.

A lung nodule is a solid area of tissue that has formed in an area where it should not be. Many times lung nodules are harmless, but in some cases, lung nodules can turn out to be cancer. That’s why it’s important to seek follow-up testing to accurately diagnose and monitor lung nodules.

At MedStar Health, our experts will work quickly to evaluate your lung nodules and develop a plan for your lung health. Through our dedicated Lung Nodule Clinic, you’ll receive the most comprehensive and personalized care from the moment an imaging test reveals something abnormal in your lungs. 

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call (443) 777-1133.

What to expect at a lung nodule evaluation

If you have had any imaging tests that revealed an abnormal spot or nodule in your lung, we’re here to guide you through further evaluation. 

Many times, you may be referred to our Lung Nodule Clinic by your doctor. In other cases, you may choose to visit us for a second opinion or follow-up care. A second opinion appointment may give you more information and options when it comes to diagnosing and managing your lung nodule. 

When you’re ready to schedule your appointment, call (443) 777-1133 to speak with one of our lung specialists. They will help you schedule your initial consultation within the next business day. While we’re safe and ready to care for you in person, you can also see us from the comfort of your home using a convenient video visit.

When you schedule your initial visit, we’ll ask you a few questions about your chest scans. If you received your test results outside of MedStar Health, we’ll also request those be sent to us for review.

During your appointment, our multidisciplinary team of lung  specialists will:

  • Discuss your medical history 
  • Review your CT images
  • Calculate your risks
  • Establish a personalized lung health plan that may include:
    • Performing surgical and/or non-surgical biopsies 
    • Conducting additional advanced diagnostic procedures
    • Scheduling follow-up imaging and appointments to ensure close mointoring 

Early lung cancer detection leads to a better chance of a cure. That’s why we offer the newest and most promising technologies for early diagnosis of lung nodules, including:

  • Image Guided Navigational Bronchoscopy
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound
  • And more

All results are reviewed by our multidisciplinary team of experts that includes board-certified thoracic surgeons, radiologists, and interventional pulmonologists. Your team will tailor a management plan unique to you based on the best studies available.

Meet your team

Lisa Bearman, MSN, AGACNP-BC, CCRN
Nurse Practitioner for Thoracic Surgery and Interventional Pulmonary

Ziv Gamliel, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

John F. Lazar, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

Interventional Pulmonologist

Clara Yoder, BSN, RN, CCRN
Lung Navigator

Quang Nguyen, MD
Interventional Radiology

Brian P. Swehla, MD
Interventional Radiology

Amit Kalaria, MD
Interventional Radiology

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About the Lung Nodule Clinic at MedStar Health Cancer Network in Baltimore

The Angelos Center for Lung Diseases at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center treats more patients with lung disease than any other community hospital in Maryland.

At our Lung Nodule Clinic, you’ll find:

  • National endorsement of accreditation with commendation from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), which demonstrates our exceptional commitment to exceeding quality care standards.
  • A team approach that involves some of the nation’s top surgical, radiation, and medical oncologists, interventional pulmonologist, radiologists, therapists, and nurses working together to develop a personalized plan that works best for you.
  • Smoking cessation resources and support services, including a dedicated nurse navigator who educates and encourages you throughout your care journey.
  • A fast-track program for appointments within the next business day, including virtual care options using video visits.

Seamless access to the region’s largest health system, including coordination with The Angelos Center for Lung Diseases at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.

Are you in need of a lung cancer screening?

A low-dose CT scan is essential for detecting lung cancer when it's most treatable. Our experts can determine if you’re at high risk and eligible for a lung cancer screening that’s often covered by insurance. 

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