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Get back to the life you love with the help of a comprehensive lung cancer team.

Don’t just choose a lung cancer doctor, choose a lung cancer team. At MedStar Health, you’ll benefit from nationally recognized specialists who work together to create an individualized care plan designed just for you, whether you need follow-up care for a lung nodule or treatment for lung cancer.

Finding a team of oncology experts who can offer the latest, most advanced approaches to cancer care, and finding them FAST … is key. We’ll see you within 48 hours for an initial or second opinion consultation. Our team is committed to giving you the answers you need, and building a plan of care that moves on the fast track. Because at the end of the day, we want to beat cancer as much as you do.

That care includes some of the latest advances available, including innovative diagnostic technology that may shorten the time it takes for you to receive lung cancer treatment. Our state-of-the-art cancer centers take an evidence-based, team approach to caring for you at a convenient location, close to home.

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Hear from our patients and doctors

Need a second opinion? We'll see you within 48 hours. Call 443-777-1133,to learn how we can help you.

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The most advanced care in the Baltimore region for lung cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

  • Lung Nodule Clinic

    When a CT scan shows a lung nodule, prompt evaluation could save your life.

    A lung nodule is a solid area of tissue that has formed in an area where it should not be. Many times lung nodules are harmless, but in some cases, lung nodules can turn out to be cancer. That’s why it’s important to seek follow-up testing to accurately diagnose and monitor lung nodules.

    At MedStar Health, our experts will work quickly to evaluate your lung nodules and develop a plan for your lung health. Through our dedicated Lung Nodule Clinic, you’ll receive the most comprehensive and personalized care from the moment an imaging test reveals something abnormal in your lungs.

    It’s easy to make an appointment virtually or in-person. Request an appointment or call 443-777-1133 to speak with one of our lung specialists. They will help you schedule your initial consultation within the next business day. While we’re safe and ready to care for you in person, you can also see us from the comfort of your home using a convenient video visit.

  • Lung Cancer Diagnosis

    Innovative technology leads to an earlier, more accurate diagnosis and faster treatment.

    Our interventional pulmonology team uses the latest, minimally invasive biopsy tools to diagnose and stage lung cancer whenever we can.

    Robotic-assisted navigational bronchoscopy enables our physicians to find lesions deeper within the bronchial tree and take tissue samples with unprecedented precision, safety, accuracy, and comfort. As a result, we can find lung cancer at an earlier stage when there is a greater potential for a cure. In some cases, this procedure may be combined with robotic-assisted thoracic surgery (CRATS) to remove the lung tumor on the same day. This reduces the time to treatment by weeks, improving the chance for a cure by treating it when it may be at an earlier stage.

    In addition, our lung specialists use state-of-the-art testing with molecular profiling to identify the unique genetic structure and biomarkers within the tumor tissue. Even though two people may have the same type of cancer, the disease may look very different on a molecular level. That’s why every MedStar Health patient with lung cancer receives molecular profiling to identify these differences. Based on the biomarkers we find, our expert oncologists will determine the best therapies for you. Less guesswork leads to better outcomes.

Benefit from the latest breakthroughs and clinical trials in lung cancer treatment.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of lung cancer care. Not only do we perform leading-edge procedures, we’re also researching, designing, and innovating them. Our lung specialists work collaboratively to determine the best treatment plan for each patient, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Surgery

    We strive to use the least invasive surgical procedures whenever possible and are leaders in minimally invasive robotic and video-assisted thoracic surgery. Requiring only a few small incisions, these procedures result in less pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times than traditional surgery.

  • High-tech radiation

    With access to advanced radiation technology, we use imaging tools to pinpoint and target radiation to the precise location of your tumor while preserving nearby healthy tissue. All of our radiation treatments employ heart-sparing techniques and are delivered by our experienced team of radiation oncologists.

  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (Cyberknife® treatment)

    We are proud to offer CyberKnife® treatment, a highly accurate and effective nonsurgical procedure that uses 3D imaging and robotics to deliver targeted doses of radiation directly to tumor cells. CyberKnife allows us to treat tumors previously considered unreachable.

  • Advanced chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is an effective way to destroy cancer cells that break off from the main tumor. During chemotherapy, your oncologists use medicines to shrink and kill cancer cells in the lungs and other affected organs. It may be given through a pill, injected by a needle into a vein or muscle, or a combination of both.

  • Innovative immunotherapies

    At MedStar Health, we’re developing a vast array of targeted therapies that use drugs and other substances to weaken or damage the unique molecular traits of cancer cells. Because the treatment is focused on specific characteristics of the cancer cells, this can be done with less harm to normal cells (and often fewer side effects).

    Pioneering therapies are revolutionizing lung cancer care. As a research leader, we’ve been able to offer many therapies, such as Keytruda, years before they were approved for widespread use.

We're with you every step of the way.

Facing a lung cancer diagnosis can be an emotional and confusing time. Our nurse navigator will guide you through the process. She’ll help you understand your options, manage appointments, and access support services. As your advocate, she will communicate directly with your physicians to ensure seamless care throughout treatment and into survivorship.

In addition to a dedicated nurse navigator, you’ll also be supported by:

  • Oncology-certified nurses
  • Social workers
  • Nutritionists
  • Smoking cessation resources
  • Genetic counselors
  • Survivorship and wellness programs
  • Personalized rehabilitation
  • Financial counseling
  • Specialists in symptom management

The latest breakthroughs and clinical trials in lung cancer treatment.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of lung cancer care. Not only do we perform leading-edge procedures, we’re also researching, designing, and innovating them. In fact, we’ve received a national endorsement of accreditation with commendation from the Commission on Cancer (CoC).

And thanks to our partnership with Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center—a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center—we’re also able to bring you even more emerging treatments and clinical trials.

If you’re looking for the most advanced care in the region, MedStar Health is here for you.

Need a second opinion? We'll see you within 48 hours. Call 443-777-1133,to learn how we can help you.

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Meet the experts caring for you

Our team includes specialists in every discipline of cancer care. These experts meet weekly in a tumor board to design a personalized care plan just for you.

  • Interventional Pulmonologist

    Jay Kirkham, DO

  • Interventional Radiologists

    Nebiyu Adenaw, MD

    Ahmed Aly, MBBCH

    Brian P. Swehla, MD

  • Medical Oncologists

    Kevin Chen, MD

    Pragnan Kancharla, MD

    Mahsa Mohebtash, MD

    Charles A. Padgett, MD

  • Radiation Oncologists

    Katherine Chen, MD

    Paul B. Fowler, MD

    Kelly Orwat, MD

    Stephen Ronson, MD

  • Thoracic Surgeons

    Ziv Gamliel, MD

    Duane R. Monteith, MD

  • Nurse Practitioner

    Stella Wise, CPNP-AC

Hear from our patients and doctors

The benefits of choosing MedStar Health

  • Comprehensive team approach

    Our tumor board is a multidisciplinary team that brings together top surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, therapists, and nurses. The board meets weekly to review all new patients. Together, they will collaborate to design a comprehensive treatment plan created for your unique lung cancer.

  • Access and convenience

    With multiple locations across the region, we're able to offer you exceptional care close to where you live and work. Multidisciplinary consultations can be arranged quickly, either in person or via a secure telehealth appointment. Need a second opinion? We’ll see you within 48 hours.

  • 7 reasons why doctors put their trust in MedStar Health

    1. The latest breakthroughs in lung cancer treatments
    2. Access to research and clinical trials through Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
    3. The most advanced DNA analysis for patients
    4. Innovative immunotherapies and targeted therapies
    5. Molecular profiling
    6. High-tech screening and diagnostic tools
    7. Advanced infusion, radiology, and surgical care


Explore the answers to common questions from our patients.

  • What if my lung cancer screening reveals an abnormal “spot” on my lungs?

    While most lung nodules (or spots) turn out to be non-cancerous, prompt evaluation is important. Our renowned team of experts will work quickly to assess your condition using the latest technology. Together with your doctor, they’ll create a personalized care plan just for you, which may include watchful waiting, biopsy, or referral for surgery. Throughout the process, we’ll be sure you are kept up to date and made aware of all your options.

  • Why consult with a lung cancer specialist?

    It’s important to talk to a lung cancer specialist in addition to your initial physician. They can review your medical reports and test results, then provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. The specialist may confirm your initial diagnosis and treatment recommendation, provide additional treatment options, or even give more details about your type and stage of lung cancer. Even if you’ve already had treatment, it’s not too late to get a second opinion.

  • Who should get a second opinion for a cancer diagnosis?

    Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer can benefit from a second-opinion appointment with an additional specialist. A second opinion can confirm your initial diagnosis and assure you that you’re receiving the most up-to-date information about your cancer type and stage. In other cases, a second opinion can reveal additional treatment options that may not be available elsewhere.

    A second opinion is especially important if you:

    • Need a second opinion for insurance purposes
    • Are interested in clinical trials or alternative therapies
    • Wonder about other oncologists and cancer centers that specialize in treating your cancer type
    • Want confirmation and peace of mind about your treatment plan
    • Aren’t sure about your options
  • When is the best time to get a second opinion?

    When you need a second opinion, it’s important to move quickly. Depending on the severity of your cancer stage, you may need to start treatment right away. And some therapies may need to begin within a specific timeframe. However, you have enough time to get a second opinion in most cases, and your doctor will probably encourage you to do so.

    The best time to get a second opinion is as soon as possible after receiving your initial diagnosis. When you’re looking for a second opinion, it’s best to choose a doctor or cancer center that can review your case within a few days. At MedStar Health, we are committed to seeing you within 48 hours. Talk to your doctor about how much time is appropriate to delay treatment while you seek a second opinion for your situation.

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For Referring Physicians

If you are caring for a patient who requires treatment, we encourage you to refer them to one of our convenient locations. We value your partnership and are committed to ongoing collaboration with you to bring your patient the personalized care they deserve.

Our Nurse Navigator is available to assist with personalized coordination of care and expedited appointment scheduling. We provide support with all aspects of care—from diagnosis to treatment to follow-up. 

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