About MInnovations

You make Innovation Happen.

The MInnovations marketplace is where MedStar associates share solutions they have created that help them do their jobs.

What is a “MInnovation” you ask? MInnovations are innovative solutions associates have developed that help them do their job better, more efficiently, reduce errors or improve patient care. MInnovations can be anything from a creative way to collect or display information, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or a product you've adapted to help you be more efficient. The MInnovation program is open to all MedStar associates.

MInnovations must be:

  • Something you've created and are currently using (i.e. does not need to be engineered and developed)
  • Can be easily transferred or taught to other MedStar associates (through file download or instructions to build themselves)
  • Safe
  • Conform to current acceptable clinical practices


      1. Submit your MInnovation
      2. Our MInnovations Assessment Team will assess your MInnovation to make sure it is safe and conforms to standard practices and MedStar policies.
        • The MInnovations Assessment Team is composed of associates from Nursing, Nurse Educators, Quality and Safety and Human Factors.  If you would like to be a part of the MInnovations Assessment Team, please contact us at [email protected].
      3. Possible assessment results:
        • Go!  Your MInnovation is creative, safe and conforms to clinical practice.  It will be added to the Marketplace.
        • Whoa.  We need to do a little more research on the issue your MInnovation is solving or a redesign is needed to make your MInnovation safe and/or conform to clinical practice.
        • No.  Your MInnovation has safety issues, does not conform to clinical practice or we already have a product that addresses the issue your MInnovation solves.
        • So?  So many MedStar associates already use your MInnovation that it's considered standard practice.  Get to work on your next MInnovation.
      4. MInnovations are reviewed anonymously.  A member of the MInnovations team at MI2 will follow up with the results of the assessment and to prepare your MInnovation for the Marketplace. If your MInnovation has safety issues, we will follow up discretely and ask that you discontinue use of your MInnovation.
NOTE: MInnovations is currently available at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center.  If you would like the MInnovation program at your facility, please contact us at [email protected].