Disclosure of Outside Interests Policy | MedStar Health

MedStar Health strives to foster and promote appropriate and ethical relationships important to MedStar Health’s Mission, Vision, and Values while avoiding and eliminating any relationships that potentially conflict with MedStar Health or its patient’s interests. To this end, MedStar Health provides clear policies for its associates and affiliates regarding ethical behavior, potential conflicts of interests, and actual conflicts of interests.

MedStar Health maintains several policies that address various aspects of permissible behavior and transactions. MedStar Health's Code of Conduct provides a clear statement of MedStar Health’s purpose, and was developed to help our associates apply legal and ethical practices to their everyday work. All patient encounters, supplier interactions, and business decisions must be grounded in compliance with applicable laws and the highest standards of honesty and fairness. The foundation of MedStar Health is to consider our patients’ needs first in providing comprehensive, quality care. As the largest healthcare provider in the region, we have a responsibility to operate with the highest principles and standards as we strive to ensure a compassionate and ethical approach to healthcare. The Code of Conduct specifically addresses patient care, confidential information, employment practices, business practices, environmental practices, gifts and invitations, fraud, abuse, waste, and compliance with applicable laws. The Code of Conduct is provided to all associates during orientation and reviewed annually as part of their annual associate compliance training.

MedStar Health conducts an annual conflict of interests and commitments disclosure process and maintains ongoing oversight of all interactions with industry as well as associates other commitments with outside entities. MedStar Health has created this website because we believe in transparency. Most interactions with industry are positive and necessary to expand knowledge, drive innovation, improve quality of care, and promote our educational, clinical, and research missions. MedStar Health permits such interactions, but carefully manages them in order to avoid any potential negative impact, or appearance of conflict.

Additional information

Contact MedStar Health‘s Office of Corporate Business Integrity at 410-772-6579 or complianceofficer@medstar.net if you have questions or concerns regarding the MedStar Health Conflict of Interest Disclosures.