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The foundation of MedStar Health is to consider our patients' needs first in providing comprehensive, quality care. As the largest healthcare provider in the region, we have a responsibility to the community to operate with the highest principles and standards as we strive to ensure a compassionate and ethical approach to health care delivery.

The Code of Conduct provides a clear statement of MedStar Health's purpose and values. All patient encounters, contacts with suppliers, and business decisions must be grounded in compliance with applicable laws and the highest standards of honesty and fairness.

We must always be aware of how our individual actions affect the integrity and credibility of the hospitals or business units with which we work, the system as a whole, and the overall healthcare industry. To that end, we encourage all associates to use this Code of Conduct as a reference throughout their tenure with MedStar Health.

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Contact MedStar Health's Office of Corporate Business Integrity at 410-772-6579 or if you have questions or concerns regarding the MedStar Health Conflict of Interest Disclosures.