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Benefit to Patients – Disclosure of Outside Interests

MedStar makes patient welfare our first priority and strives to assure that all relationships with industry meet the highest standards of professional ethics and that MedStar is appropriately transparent about any actual or potential conflicts. MedStar understands the need to ensure that all relationships with industry are consistent with MedStar’s vision of being the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health and never undermine the trust of our patients and the public.

Most interests and interactions with industry are positive and can expand knowledge, drive innovation, and improve quality of care. Below are a few ways that appropriate interactions between industry companies and MedStar physicians benefit our patients and our community:

  • Improved clinical diagnosis and treatments
  • Advancements in drug therapy
  • Innovation in medical devices and equipment
  • Advancement in treatment technologies
  • Education about specific disease processes
  • Education in use of new techniques and methods
  • Understanding of recent research advances and ongoing studies
  • Formation of partnerships and information-sharing across hospitals and other healthcare organizations
  • Overall improvements in quality of care and service

Additional information

Contact MedStar‘s Office of Corporate Business Integrity at 410-772-6579 or if you have questions or concerns regarding the MedStar Conflict of Interest Disclosures.