Managing Find-A-Doctor

Find-A-Doctor pulls data from various MedStar Health source systems to enable search and populate provider profiles. Maintaining accurate data in the source system is essential to ensuring provider and location data is consistent across all patient-facing channels. The information below is a guide to help understand where data is sourced and the steps required to modify incorrect data within the appropriate source system. Click here to view a robust profile that outlines all fields and data sources. For any questions, concerns or issues with provider profile or updating a provider profile, please email: [email protected].

Updating Data Sources and Clinical Information


Employment status is populated from PeopleSoft - [email protected].
Providers can request changes to their specialty or scope of practice (SOP) by logging into Kyruus ProviderMatch using their MedStar credentials. For step-by-step instructions for updating your specialty or scope of practice (SOP), click here.

For assistance with login issues, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Note: Once the specialty and scope of practice edits are submitted, the Service Line Lead or VPMA will review and approve/deny Scope of Practice and Clinical Area of Focus features.
To request an edit to a provider's name, credentials, education, or board certification, please contact the medical office staff director at your hospital.

Please Note: The Field of Study and Degree fields are not ingested into Kyruus ProviderMatch and will not be reflected on a provider's Find-A-Doctor profile.
To request an edit to a provider's accepted insurance list, please submit a ticket to Managed Care (MFC Echo).

Note: Insurance Information is standardized and maintained by Managed Care (MFC Echo) for all MedStar Health Employed Providers.

Please contact [email protected] for assistance with insurance questions.
Practice locations are pulled from three data sources, each of which is used to populate provider information on clinical and patient-facing channels (e.g. referral orders, billing invoices, etc.). In the event you need a practice location address edited, please use the process below to ensure the data is updated within all source systems.

  • Scheduling Systems (IDX) - Submit an IDX location edit or addition to [email protected] and [email protected] . If you have issues or need assistance, please contact [email protected].
  • Managed Care (MFC Echo) - Practice administrators and/or office managers should follow the already established change process for your office by completing and submitting a PAN form. If you have issues or need assistance, please contact [email protected].
  • Hospital Credentialing (Hospital Echo) - Practice administrators and/or office managers should inform the Hospital Credentialing Office. If you have issues or need assistance, please contact [email protected].
To add or delete a hospital affiliation, please contact the medical staff director at your hospital.

Note: The order in which your hospital affiliations are listed on your Find-a-Doc profile cannot be modified.
All MedStar provider ratings and comments are managed by NRC. For additional information regarding how ratings are calculated, please visit the Patient Satisfaction & Experience Survey page.

Do you want to appeal a review on your Find-A-Doctor profile? Please submit your appeal to the Provider Review Transparency Advisory Group.
Providers can request edits to their Find-A-Doctor profile by logging into Kyruus ProviderMatch using their MedStar Health credentials.

For assistance with login issues, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Creating & Maintaining a Robust Find-A-Doctor Profile

Stakeholders can request updates to the following through the Digital Marketing Team by submitting a request in the Workfront:

  • Provider Headshots
  • About The Provider
  • Awards
  • Videos
  • Publications
  • Research
  • In the News

Find-A-Doctor Search

Please see below for information about Find-A-Doc, or assistance with search issues.

Employed providers must be active in PeopleSoft and credentialed with hospital credentialing.

Affiliated providers must participate with MedStar Select Insurance and be active in MedStar Family Choice (MFC) Echo.
For assistance with issues related to search results, please contact [email protected]

Adding or Removing a Provider on Find-A-Doctor and Website

Open a Workfront Request with the Digital Marketing Team

The Digital Marketing will:

  • Check to see if the provider has been ingested into Kryuus ProviderMatch
  • If the Provider has been ingested, digital marketing can add the following to the profile: Headshot, About the Provider, Contact this Provider, News, Awards, Videos, Publications, Phone/Fax/Suite #
  • Add/Tag provider to specific web pages upon request
  • Create a Vanity URL if requested
If the provider has not been ingested into ProviderMatch after 7 business days:

  • Digital Marketing will put your request on hold and ask you to email [email protected] to find out which data source isn't active
  • Digital Marketing will re-open the request and complete remaining tasks listed above once provider is ingested into ProviderMatch
Stakeholder must submit a request to Remove a Provider from Find-A-Doctor and all webpages by submitting a request in Workfront.