Managing Find-A-Doctor

For New MedStar Providers

→ Onboarding Process

To be listed within the MedStar Health Find-A-Doctor system, an employed provider must be:

  • Step 1: Active in PeopleSoft and credentialed in Hospital Credentialing or MedStar Family Choice Credentialing. See Verifying Employment
  • Step 2: Practice managers or marketing stakeholders must inform the digital team that the new provider has joined MedStar. Once the Digital team receives notification, the practice group will be assigned to the profile page and the profile page will be live. See Informing Digital Team
  • Step 3: Practice managers (post onboarding) must inform Kyruus to activate a new provider account in Kyruus. Provider will be able to edit their profile using their login information.  See Informing Kyruus

Find-A-Doctor is an online tool that displays provider's profiles, accessible through all MedStar websites.

An employed provider must be credentialed by Hospital Credentialing and active in PeopleSoft in order for their profile to appear in Kyruus ProviderMatch

  • To verify if a provider is active in PeopleSoft:
    • Contact Human Resources
  • To verify if a provider is credentialed in Hospital Credentialing:
    • Contact Hospital Credentialing
  • To verify if a provider is credentialed in MedStar Family Choice Credentialing:
    • Contact MedStar Family Choice Managed Care Credentialing

The practice manager or marketing stakeholder must also inform the Digital Team through Task Management that a provider has officially started employment at MedStar. The Digital Team will then assign the provider practice group (based on Hospital Echo) in order for the provider to show up on Find-A-Doc.

Practice managers or providers (post onboarding) must submit a ticket to [email protected] to activate a provider’s Kyruus ProviderMatch account by providing the provider’s MedStar email address, NPI, and Network ID. Provider will be able to edit their profile using their login information.

Kyruus ProviderMatch is a digital platform that the Digital Team and MedStar providers utilize to manage online Find-A-Doc profiles.

Kyruus pulls data from multiple sources such as Hospital Credentialing (Hospital Echo), Scheduling Systems (IDX), Managed Care (MFC Echo), and PeopleSoft. MedStar providers, practice managers, and hospital marketers play an essential role in submitting profile updates to either the Digital Team or various data sources.

Providers can access their profile (once activated) by visiting Kyruus ProviderMatch and utilizing their MedStar email address and Network ID (single sign-on is enabled).

Review these Step by Step Profile Update Instructions to further assist with updating your profile.

For Current MedStar Providers

→ Profile Maintenance Process

Log in to Kyruus ProviderMatch using your MedStar credentials to request changes to your specialty or scope of practice.

Providers, practice managers, and marketing stakeholders must utilize the Digital Team's Task Management system to request profile updates, such as:

  • Adding "About the Provider" information (Bio, Philosophy of Care, Clinical Area of Interest)
  • Adding "Contact this Provider" information (Phone/Fax)
  • Adding a professional headshot
  • Adding videos, "In the News" links, Patient Testimonials, and Publications
  • Adding professional social media accounts
  • Removing a provider
  • Hiding practice locations

Providers can login to Kyruus ProviderMatch to make updates to:

  • Conditions I Treat
  • Procedures I Perform
  • Specialty
  • Provider Type
  • Practice Type
  • Age Groups Seen
  • Accepting New Patients

*Please Note: Once profile edits are submitted, the Service Line Lead or VPMA will review and approve/deny Scope of Practice and Clinical Area of Focus features. The Medical Staff Office/Credentialing Leadership will review and approve/deny Specialty, Provider Type, Practice Type, Age Groups Seen, and Accepting New Patients features.

Please review the Robust Profile Anatomy with Data Sources document, to discover the data sources for each field of a Find-A-Doctor profile.

For Practice Managers

→ Updating Data Sources

Practice locations are pulled from three data sources. In the event you need a practice location address edited, please email [email protected] to discover which data source needs to be updated. Once you learn which data source, you can request a change by following the instructions below depending on the data source:

To request an edit to a provider's practice location, you must submit a ticket to the following data sources:

  • Managed Care (MFC Echo)
    • Practice administrators and/or office managers should follow the already established change process for your office by completing and submitting a PAN form.
  • Hospital Credentialing (Hospital Echo)
    • Practice administrators and/or office managers should inform the Hospital Credentialing Office.

*Please Note: The Digital Team can only edit phone/fax numbers or hide practice locations.

To request an edit to a provider's education, you must submit a ticket to the following data source:

  • Hospital Credentialing (Hospital Echo)
    • Based on your entity affiliation, please contact your entities credentialing representative in order to request an edit or change.

*Please Note: The Field of Study and Degree fields are not ingested into Kyruus ProviderMatch and will not be reflected on a providers Find-A-Doctor profile

To request an edit to a provider's accepted insurance list, you must submit a ticket to the following data source:

  • Managed Care (MFC Echo)
    • Insurance Information is standardized and maintained by Managed Care (MFC Echo) for all MedStar Employed Providers. Please contact Managed Care for insurance questions and concerns.