Aubrey J. Grant, MD
Aubrey Grant

Aubrey J. Grant, MD, FACCC, is a sports cardiologist practicing at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital and MedStar Health at Lafayette Centre.

Dr. Grant specializes in treating athletes, particularly in differentiating between exercise-induced adaptations of the heart versus true cardiovascular disease or pathology. He uses a variety of comprehensive tests and assessments to determine sports eligibility, give exercise prescriptions, and make recommendations on how to prevent or manage cardiovascular disease. In particular, Dr. Grant performs cardiopulmonary exercise tests (also known as VO2 tests), a specialized stress test that measures a patient's fitness level. With this evaluation, he can offer athletes specific and individualized advice on how to reach peak performance. Ultimately, his goal is to provide a detailed understanding of what athletes need in order to stay active for as long as possible, maintain good cardiovascular health, and achieve high-level athletic performance.

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