Dr. Nicholas D Casscells, MD

Dr. Nicholas D. Casscells, MD

Dr. Nicholas D. Casscells, MD

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  • Orthopedic Surgery
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Nicholas Casscells, MD is fellowship trained in orthopaedic foot and ankle surgery. He has a special interest in sports related injuries, deformities, and arthritic conditions of the foot and ankle. He is a member of the MedStar Orthopaedic institute and joins us from MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Casscells will see patients in the Orthopaedic and Sports Center at MedStar Health at Lafayette Centre, as well as perform surgery onsite at the MedStar Surgery Center.

Dr. Casscells is a third generation orthopaedic surgeon. He enjoys watersports, skiing, and spending time with his family.


  • Fellowship Program: MedStar Union Memorial Hospital (2029)
  • Residency Program: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (2018)
  • Medical School: Jefferson Medical College (2013)

Casscells ND, Dean, D, McGuigan FX. Findings of Routine Diagnostic Ankle Arthroscopy for Management of AO 44-C Fibular Fractures. Publishment pending. 
Casscells ND, Kotler JA, Postma FP.. Hip Abductor Tendinopathy: Work-Up and Open Versus Arthroscopic Repair of Hip Abductor. Ortho & Rheum Open Access J. 2016; 2(5): 555597.
Sherman TI, Casscells N, Rabe J, McGuigan FX. Ankle arthroscopy for ankle fractures.Arthrosc Tech. 2015 Feb 16;4(1):e75-9. 2015 Feb.
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Gildea JJ, Shah I, Weiss R, Casscells ND, McGrath HE, Zhang J, Jones JE, Felder RA. HK-2 human renal proximal tubule cells as a model for G protein-coupled receptor kinase type 4-mediated dopamine 1 receptor uncoupling. Hypertension. 2010 Sep;56(3):505-11. Epub 2010 Jul 26.
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  • 1120 20th Street Northwest
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