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Your record, better care

MedStar Health has partnered with CommonWell Health Alliance® Services, a national network of organizations aligned to streamline the secure sharing of health data with a goal of improving care coordination and health outcomes. When you are seen at a MedStar Health facility, you are automatically enrolled in CommonWell.

This means you can provide your healthcare providers access to your health information regardless of where you receive care, and whether that care takes place within MedStar Health or outside of our network. This removes barriers and cumbersome steps, allowing you to give your healthcare providers the information they need to provide more comprehensive, coordinated, and improved care.

The security of your health data is one of our most important priorities. Your personal health information is only made available via appropriate technical, administrative, and physical security safeguards to the permitted recipients participating in the alliance network.

The benefits of CommonWell include:

  • Allows your different doctors, primary care providers, specialists, hospitalists, and other clinicians more secure and near instant access to your important health information.

  • Reduces time required to track down test results and other health information, increasing the time your healthcare providers can spend on your care, and potentially removes the need to duplicate tests.

  • In the event of an emergency, medical staff can immediately access your allergies, medication list, and other health information, helping to expedite your care.

  • Electronic sharing is more secure than fax or paper files, which can easily be lost or viewed by individuals without proper authorization.

  • Saves time and the hassle of filling out the same health history forms over and over when you see your doctor or go to a specialist.

You may opt-out of CommonWell by completing the form below

  • If you opted out and wish to opt back in, you can indicate as such on the form.

  • Opting out does not preclude any CommonWell participating organization that has previously accessed your health information from retaining this information within their own records.

  • Also, opting out here only stops the sharing of data between MedStar and CommonWell. If you have received care at another facility who has partnered with CommonWell, you will need to contact that organization to manage how you’d like them to share your records with CommonWell.

The opt-out form

You may also opt-out by clicking here to print the opt-out form then fax, email, or mail the completed form to MedStar Health.