Electronic Medical Record

We're moving from a paper electronic record to an electronic medical record. 

What is an electronic medical record?

An electronic medical record is the electronic storage of all your medical information. Physicians, nurses and other medical staff enter all of your medical history, lab reports, x-ray reports, treatment images, vital signs, medications, etc. into a special computer system instead of writing everything into a paper chart.

What does that mean to you?

This will improve the care we provide you and we will no longer be documenting your treatment into a paper medical record. All aspects of your treatment course will be entered utilizing computers and special medical computer software.

Why now?

We are being pro-active in order to adhere to the new Federal Regulations requiring medical facilities to utilize Electronic Medical Records. The new Electronic Medical Records will allow the physicians and staff instant access to your entire Medical History. It improves the patient care process.

How will this affect you?

There will be no apparent affect to the radiation therapy treatments that you will receive. However, you may notice that your examinations by the medical staff may take a little longer than normal as the staff becomes familiar with the software process. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we transition to an electronic medical record environment. If you have any questions, please contact one of our staff members.