Meet Our Health Equity Partners

MedStar Health Clinical Care Transformation

MedStar Health Clinical Care Transformation manages care models and service lines that aim to transform person-centered care at MedStar Health. Our focus is on programs that provide coordinated, value-based care to improve population health.

We provide support for programs that span the care continuum in partnership with clinical operations leadership, including Palliative Care, Acute Case Management, Transitional Care, Community Health, Diabetes Pathway, and Senior Services. Our key departmental functions are:

  • To incubate novel programs in the care transformation space via programmatic, analytic, and strategic planning support.
  • To convene groups of stakeholders to address system-level care transformation goals and support best practice and systemness in addressing common challenges.
  • To transform successful pilots and programs with proven clinical and value-based impact into mature, sustainable components of system-scale clinical operations.

MedStar Health Community Health

MedStar Health Community Health is dedicated to advancing wellness and achieving health equity for our communities. We strive to support community needs by partnering with local organizations and delivering accessible, evidence-based education and wellness services. Learn more about our community health efforts.

MedStar Center for Health Equity Research

As part of a multi-hospital academic medical system spanning the Baltimore-Washington region, the MedStar Center for Health Equity Research specializes in health equity research in tertiary-, specialty-, and community-based hospital settings that serve one of the most diverse patient populations in the United States. In addition to examining strategies to address health disparities, health inequities, and social drivers of health, the investigators, and clinician-scientists at the Center for Health Equity Research conduct research across a variety of domains, including digital health, patient safety, patient and family engagement, diagnostic errors, chronic disease management, maternal and child health, behavioral health, and more.

The Georgetown University Center for Health Equity

The Georgetown University Center for Health Equity is an education and training center focused on distinguishing its graduates as professionals dedicated to lifelong community service and advancing health equity. The Center for Health Equity works with Georgetown University, Georgetown University Medical Center Georgetown Law Center, and MedStar Health to create education, training, faculty development, scholarships, research mentorship, and community engagement practicum experiences with longitudinal community partners.