Chika A. Adiele, M.D.
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Chika A. Adiele, MD

Howard University College of Medicine
University of Virginia

I grew up in Washington, DC to two Nigerian immigrant parents. As the oldest of five siblings, I immediately understood the importance of leadership and setting a good example. When exploring career options, I knew I wanted a blend of science and human interaction. As I continued my journey, I realized the great need for people who looked like me in the medical field for my community. I attended the University of Virginia for my undergraduate years, majoring in Biochemistry, and Howard University for medical school. 

During my clinical years, I found myself loving each rotation. So, when it came to deciding on a specialty, I knew I wanted one that offered flexibility in practice and broad spectrum exposure. Patient education, preventative medicine, wellness, integrative medicine, and teaching are all elements of primary care that I'm interested in. I value the continuity of care that I get to provide to my patients, examining them holistically and keeping in mind that their behavioral and mental health all play a role in their overall well-being. Family medicine is truly an art and one that I look forward to being a part of at MedStar Franklin Square! 

When I’m not doing medicine, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and experimenting with new hairstyles. I’m looking forward to beginning this next chapter of my life in Baltimore!