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First-Year Combined Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Resident

Ruth Watson

Ruth Watson, M.D.

Georgetown University School of Medicine
University of Tennessee

I grew up in a multi-generational family in rural Tennessee where I learned how to love and take care of my neighbors. I then moved to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee where I majored in microbiology and minored in public health. Interested in public policy and public health, I moved to Washington, D.C.  to attend medical school at Georgetown. During medical school, I was a Health Justice Scholar which provided me the opportunity to advocate for harm reduction and healthcare equity at the local and federal levels. During my 3rd and 4th years of medical school, I was lucky to complete rotations at the Family Health Center. I could not be more thrilled to be returning to Franklin Square for residency!

First-year residents

Harpal Bains

Harpal Bains, DO

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Towson University

I grew up in Baltimore County and am thrilled for the opportunity to practice in the community that raised me! I first became interested in health sciences as an Allied Health student at Eastern Tech High School. I continued my journey as a volunteer at Franklin Square and working in the neighboring community. Later, I attended Towson University and majored in Molecular Biology. It was at the end of my sophomore year when I decided to pursue a career in medicine after working various roles within the healthcare field.
For medical school, I moved to Blacksburg, VA to attend VCOM and quickly realized that I enjoyed aspects of each specialty. During my first clinical rotation, I was exposed to family medicine and enjoyed the opportunities to form strong, long-term relationships with patients while providing care to people of all ages. I look forward to being part of a generation of physicians working towards improving health outcomes and addressing health inequalities faced by communities.  
Outside of medicine, I enjoy running, listening to podcasts, and being a Baltimore sports fan.

Deborah Camerson

Deborah Cameron, DO

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
James Madison University

I was born and raised in the Hampton Roads "757" area of Virginia. I have been a resident of Virginia my entire life, even during my schooling. I attended James Madison University for undergrad where I majored in Health Sciences with a minor in Biology. I came back to my hometown for a few years to gain experience working in the medical field in different positions such as a medical receptionist, a scribe, and an EMT. While home, I obtained my masters at Hampton University. I then moved to Blacksburg, VA where I attended medical school at Edward via College of Osteopathic Medicine.

During my 4th year of medical school, I was fortunate to be able to do a rotation at MedStar Franklin Square. The residents, attendings, and the MAs were all so kind and eager to teach me and I instantly fell in love with the culture that MedStar fostered. I enjoyed that I was able to participate in different clinics because the best thing about family medicine is that this is the specialty that does it all! And I could tell at MedStar they were truly preparing their residents to identify, manage, and treat any issue no matter how complex. It was only right that I returned here to complete my residency training. I love Family Medicine because I love the opportunity, I am given to form strong bonds with my patients as I get to know them on an intimate level while working with them to manage their health.

My interests in medicine include women's health, underserved communities, geriatric medicine, mentorship, and in-office procedures. My interests outside of medicine include anything that involves my Westie puppy Summer, traveling, eating, watching TV and spending time with the people I love most!

Nibhiben Chaudhari

Nidhi Chaudhari, DO

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Rutgers University

As I was growing up, my parents emphasized the importance of nutrition and mental health to me and my brother at a very early age. I grew up witnessing my parents utilize herbal nutrition, yoga, and meditation as a means for “preventative care” for good health. I developed a passion for these practices and even spent time volunteering at my local temple to learn and later teach these practices to the local community. 

In college, I decided to purse my major in Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Rutgers University. I also spent a year finishing my Masters in Biomedical Sciences at Rowan University Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. With this background, I knew I wanted to be in a career that represented my passion for holistic health and community service. This eventually led me to pursue medicine at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. 

I gravitated towards Family Medicine very early in medical school. Throughout my community service experiences and rotations, I realized how much I enjoyed being there for my patients to provide a safe space for their vulnerabilities, not just in regards to their physical health, but also for their mental well-being, financial and social barriers, and overall lifestyle. I really enjoyed connecting with them and building long term relationships, it was the best way I could practice my strengths to make a positive impact. I have always believed in the interplay of mind-body-soul, especially since I practiced this mindset in my own life, and family medicine is the best specialty that allows me to utilize this mindset to serve my patients holistically.  

With all this in mind, I knew I wanted to be part of a program that serves a diverse population, and emphasizes community service and behavioral health. During my interview at MedStar Franklin Square, I truly felt a sense of family and support from each person I spoke to, and that is how I knew that this place would be the best fit for me. 

Outside of medicine, I enjoy drawing, singing, and meditating. My partner and I are always looking to explore new food places and hiking spots, we have a goal of visiting every national park in the US! I also love having movie nights with my family, especially crime and murder mysteries! I am truly excited to be in Baltimore with my fiancé and will continue to explore what this new home away from home has to offer.

Jenevieve Dunn

Jenevieve Dunn, DO

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
College of William and Mary

As a Northern Virginia native, I am excited to join the team of family medicine residents at MedStar Franklin Square in nearby Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up, I spent several years competing on the mound as a fastpitch softball player. My passion for team sports carried over to a unique opportunity I had during my undergraduate years to work as an equipment manager for the College of William & Mary football team. I ultimately graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, which is the study of human movement, and am committed to fitness and nutrition both personally and professionally.

A new graduate, I returned home to work in outpatient pediatrics where I quickly discovered my love for primary care. After two years of clinical experience and one year spent exceling in a post-baccalaureate program, I chose to attend the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Southwest Virginia. It was my first family medicine clinical rotation that quickly solidified my passion for the specialty.

I love the diversity of family medicine, the continuity of care and relationships you build with patients, and the ability to help individuals tailor lifestyle interventions to manage chronic conditions, prevent complications, and improve their quality of life. I was drawn to MedStar Franklin Square for residency training because of the pediatric patient volume at the Family Health Center, the strength of behavioral health training, and the wide array of community outreach opportunities this program offers in the Baltimore area. I am passionate about the “Fit Family” community outreach project which emphasizes both fitness and nutrition from a young age as a way to empower individuals to improve their long-term health.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy weightlifting, running, and a variety of different board games. I love a competitive game of Catan, spending quality time with family, and watching my little sister play softball. I am excited to be joining the MedStar Franklin Square team and to begin serving the Baltimore community.

Katherine Lewis

Katherine Lewis, DO

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Bucknell University

I am so excited to join MedStar back home in my favorite state of Maryland after having spent the last several years in central Pennsylvania. I studied Cell Biology and Biochemistry at Bucknell University before starting as a scribe at Suburban Hospital as I prepared for my ultimate goal of heading to medical school. After three years in Maryland working in the ER and as a technician assisting with Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion, I headed back to Pennsylvania for a health science intensive post-baccalaureate program at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, where I then began my medical school training.

During my rotations all throughout the mid-Atlantic region, I realized that it was most important to me to become a well-rounded physician with quality time to develop strong patient relationships as my greatest interests include women's health, diabetes and obesity management, lifestyle medicine, and procedures, all of which ultimately led me to pursue Family Medicine. I'm thrilled to serve the communities that made me fall in love with healthcare in the first place and to hopefully provide the necessary resources and support that all patients deserve.

Outside of medicine you can find me creating and trying new recipes in the kitchen, strength training or finding new walking or running trails, or adventuring with my family including my partner, Teddy, our favorite golden retriever, Riggins, and our sweet rescue cat, Rory.

Matthew Santos

Matthew Santos, DO

Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Towson University

I was born in Baltimore, MD to two immigrant parents from the Philippines. My mother, a retired nurse, and my father, a retired engineer, spent over 30 years each serving the community of Maryland. My two older brothers, my younger sister, and I were mostly raised by our maternal grandmother while they both were at work. I wholeheartedly credit and admire my parents and grandmother for inspiring me to stay resilient in my pursuit to serve others through medicine. I attended Towson University for my undergraduate career and then got my master’s degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. I went to Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school. While witnessing two Super Bowl wins while in Kansas City was amazing, the greatest win was meeting my wife, Rachel!

I chose family medicine early on because it allows me to pursue my passion for full spectrum training while building my leadership skills in such a close-knit community. Most importantly, I am passionate about building relationships with and empowering my future patients. I am so excited and grateful to be coming back home to Baltimore to join the welcoming and supportive family at MedStar Franklin Square. I fell in love with the program during my interview and the sense of genuine positivity and family atmosphere was incomparable. My other interests in medicine include osteopathic manipulative medicine, pediatrics, and community engagement and health equity.

I will be coming back to Baltimore with my wife, who will be working as a nurse while finishing her MPH. In our free time, you can find us hiking with our two rescue dogs Benny and Jett. My biggest passion outside of medicine is exploring new recipes and just being in the kitchen. I also love fishing, skiing, and traveling!”

Reddihiya Taylor

Reddhyia Taylor, DO

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of Maryland

Growing up in Prince George's County Maryland, as a first-generation Ghanaian American allowed me to experience healthcare systems both in the United States and Ghana, when visiting family and interning with physicians. While overseas, I began to notice common health conditions that plagued various Ghanaian communities, which birthed the important observation on their perception of health. My curiosity in medicine, coupled with my forensic science degree, often leads me to question what interventions can improve a patient's health status, all while bridging the gap between culture and medicine.

After completing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland College Park and my master’s degree at Drexel College of Medicine, I continued to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to earn my doctorate degree. During my clinical years, I fell in love with the early health interventions and advancement in community health that family medicine provides. I look forward to collaborating with patients to improve overall health and wellness from a social, cultural, osteopathic, and integrative approach!

At my core, I am a creative. I love activities that allow me to use my hands and think outside the box, including DIYs, sewing, digital art, and content creation. I also love interior design and vlogging on aesthetic restaurants and brunch locations. I am overjoyed to join the MedStar family and look forward to exploring the Baltimore area!

Second-Year Combined Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Resident

Emmanuel Asenso

Emmanuel Asenso, D.O.

Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

I am a first-generation, Ghanaian American, born and raised in Northern Virginia. I attended Virginia Tech and majored in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise. There, I became passionate about the field of public health and health disparities, through my major and research with the Translational Obesity Behavioral Research Lab. As part of the lab, I planned, implemented and evaluated an 8-week, group dynamics-based healthy lifestyle program for racial minority students at my institution. These experiences led me to pursue my MPH at George Washington University during my gap year to learn more about attaining health equity, social determinants of health and program planning and evaluation. I then attended Rowan SOM for medical school where my love for primary care and preventive medicine grew. I was fortunate to serve as a leader in initiatives and clubs that aimed to address racial health disparities and support marginalized communities like SNMA, and co-founded IMPACT Week and The Black Collective. I was also a research intern at the Neuromusculoskeletal Institute at Rowan, where I was able to develop CME’s and toolkits as part of initiatives to reduce opioid overdose deaths in South Jersey. 

I spent a month at MedStar Franklin Square as a 4th year student and I am so ecstatic to return to serve the community and learn from the amazing faculty, residents, and patients. The combined program was an ideal fit for me because it will provide me with opportunities to strengthen my knowledge and skills to improve the health of marginalized communities. As a person who stutters, I am also passionate about improving the health and well-being of people with disabilities.

In my free time, you can find me watching sports and rooting for my DC teams, playing basketball, listening to music, trying plant-based restaurants, and going to amusement parks

Second-year residents

ADIELE_Chika_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Chika A. Adiele, MD

Howard University College of Medicine
University of Virginia

I grew up in Washington, DC to two Nigerian immigrant parents. As the oldest of five siblings, I immediately understood the importance of leadership and setting a good example. When exploring career options, I knew I wanted a blend of science and human interaction. As I continued my journey, I realized the great need for people who looked like me in the medical field for my community. I attended the University of Virginia for my undergraduate years, majoring in Biochemistry, and Howard University for medical school. 

During my clinical years, I found myself loving each rotation. So, when it came to deciding on a specialty, I knew I wanted one that offered flexibility in practice and broad spectrum exposure. Patient education, preventative medicine, wellness, integrative medicine, and teaching are all elements of primary care that I'm interested in. I value the continuity of care that I get to provide to my patients, examining them holistically and keeping in mind that their behavioral and mental health all play a role in their overall well-being. Family medicine is truly an art and one that I look forward to being a part of at MedStar Franklin Square! 

When I’m not doing medicine, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and experimenting with new hairstyles. I’m looking forward to beginning this next chapter of my life in Baltimore! 

AKYEAMPONG_Kwame_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Kwame Akyeampong, M.D.

Medical College of Wisconsin
Minnesota State University

I spent most of my early years in several countries across Africa. Then as a young teen, my parents sent me to America to continue my education. The Midwest became my home away from home. It was my experiences with health care in the third world that drew me to medicine. Primarily, issues with availability of health care resources and poor health systems as a whole. Here in America, there also exist a similar issue of shortage of primary care providers.  I look forward to being part of the solution to this problem. Furthermore, I am drawn to family medicine because of the opportunity to provide longitudinal care and build lasting relationships with patients.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy both playing and watching basketball and soccer. When time permits, I also enjoy traveling and exploring new cities. I look forward to exploring the city of Baltimore and cheering on the local sports teams!

GREWE_Bridget_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Brigitte Grewe, D.O.

Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine at New Mexico State University
University of Maryland College Park

It is such a terrific feeling to come back to my home state of Maryland and join this group of wonderful residents and faculty at MedStar Franklin Square. I grew up in Western Maryland and graduated from the University of Maryland where I studied Microbiology with a minor in Leadership Studies. I then spent time researching at the National Institutes of Health studying Adeno-associated Virus as a vector for gene therapy. All the while, I worked as a pediatric therapy aide where my love for kids blossomed. Medical school took me 2,000 miles across the country to the “Land of Enchantment” to attend Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Amongst the breathtaking sunsets and rich culture, my love for family medicine sprouted from my clinical years of medical school. I have a passion for pediatrics, women’s health, procedures, and osteopathic manipulation. I knew I wanted to be at a residency that would support my interests and allow me to become a strong community health leader where I would build long-lasting relationships with my patients. 

You can catch me making the largest pile of dishes and snapping pictures of the various vegetarian and pescatarian recipes that I love to cook. Along with my fiancé and dog Echo, we enjoy exploring, whether it be on a hike or traveling the world. As a former crab house server, I can teach you the easiest way to crack a crab and I am thrilled to be a part of the Baltimore community where Old Bay is never in short supply.

JOHNSON_Lindsey_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Lindsey Johnson, D.O.

Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
University of Michigan-Dearborn

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I went to The University of Michigan for undergrad and Michigan State University for medical school. I consider myself a true Michigander. Going into family medicine was a no brainer for me. Before medical school I taught math for 3 years in the same areas of Detroit where I grew up. My love for teaching sprouted my want to teach my future patients, of all ages, about their health through the field of family medicine. I want to address ongoing barriers such as health illiteracy and mistrust in the medical field that I saw specifically during my training in medical school.

I am so excited to grow, train and strengthen these skills at Medstar Franklin Square. During my audition rotation I fell in love with the program. I felt so welcome during my time rotating. I admired the encouraging learning environment and how the attendings and residents interacted with their patients. I then knew Medstar was where I wanted to do my residency training. 

Lastly, I met my husband back in Michigan before starting medical school. He now works in Washington, D.C. which is what brought us to the DMV area. We live in Maryland with our beautiful little boy whom we welcomed into the world during my 4th year of medical school. I’m excited to be starting this new journey here in Maryland with my husband, our kiddo, and our puppy. I look forward to starting my residency training at Medstar and serving the people in the Baltimore area.

KAKUTURU_Jyothi_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Jyothi Kakuturu, D.O.

Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine
Pennsylvania State University

Growing up, my family moved around quite a bit, so I got to live and grow up in southern and northern parts of India, Kansas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Experiencing these diverse areas during my formative years has made me what I am today because I saw what an amazing difference primary care providers made in my life and others in my community. 

After finishing my undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University and then subsequent graduate studies at West Chester University, I worked as an assistant scientist in Philly. A new job moved me to Rockville, MD where I worked for a year as an associate scientist. Just as I was falling in love with Maryland, I got admitted to Nova Southeastern University’s medical school. 

Throughout my medical school training, all specialties interested me, but I kept seeing a certain pattern: most acutely and chronically ill patients who didn’t fare well in inpatient settings had no good outpatient primary care. Although I knew I was going into primary care, it was really during my core 3rd year clinical years that I decided family medicine was it! And I also knew I wanted to come back to Baltimore and DC area because my experience here was cut short. Franklin Square stood out to me the most because of the wonderful residents and faculty I interacted with during the interview. I also liked the location of Franklin square because of its mix of urban patients from east Baltimore City and suburban patients from eastern Baltimore county.

Outside of medicine, I love exploring local state and national parks, trying new cuisines, and watching movies! 

KANE_Eleanor_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Eleanor L. Kane, M.D.

Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
Yale University

Born in Southeastern Pennsylvania, I am a proud Philadelphian and an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. I attended college at Yale University where I majored in Environmental Studies and concentrated in Food and Agriculture. After college, I got a master’s degree in Food Studies at New York University. While in this program, I realized my interest in food was primarily from a health perspective, so I decided I wanted to become a physician and incorporate what I had learned into my practice. After completing a post-baccalaureate program at the University of Pennsylvania, I attended Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. During medical school, I chose to take an extra year to complete Jefferson’s Master of Public Health program, so I could learn more about the many social factors that impact my patients’ health. 

I chose to pursue Family Medicine because of the dedication to the community, the opportunity to care for the entire family, and the ability to build life-long relationships with my patients. Within Family Medicine, I am passionate about all things that relate to overall well-being, especially food – I even considered going to culinary school instead of college at one point. I believe that proper nutrition is one of the foundations of good health, and I am excited to help my patients incorporate healthy choices through education and improved access.

I am so excited to train at MedStar Franklin Square! I’m moving to Maryland with my husband, Tom, who will be completing his Anesthesia training at Walter Reed, and our dog, Riley. Outside of medicine, I love traveling, practicing yoga, cooking, and baking, and watching Disney movies.

O'ROURKE_Veronica_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Veronica O’Rourke, D.O.

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Virginia Campus
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

I was born and raised in Falls Church, Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington, D.C. I went to Virginia Tech for my undergraduate degree where I studied Biology and Spanish. My junior year, I completed an immersive study abroad program in Valencia, Spain to further my Spanish fluency and began developing medical Spanish. After graduating from Virginia Tech, I worked in a cardiology office in Northern Virginia for a couple of years. I loved Blacksburg so much that I returned for medical school where I attended the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). While at VCOM, I traveled abroad to El Salvador to provide health care services as a part of VCOM’s international outreach programs.
I was drawn to Family Medicine early in medical school because of the ability to work with patients of all ages, to establish close and long-lasting relationships with patients, and really engage with the local and underserved communities. That is ultimately what really excites me about medicine and is exciting about training at MedStar Franklin Square. 

I am an avid sports fan, especially women’s soccer and football. My husband, our beloved dog, Roxie, and I are eager to explore our new home in Baltimore with hopefully more puppies to come!

PAHWA_Meher_RESIDENT_family medicine_MFSMC_Baltimore.jpg

Meher Pahwa, D.O.

Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
San Jose State University

I was born in the Bay Area, California to extremely loving and hardworking immigrant parents.  After completing all my schooling and undergraduate education within California, I headed over to Las Vegas, Nevada to complete my medical school training at Touro University Nevada. It was here that I recognized the importance of compassion and how it served as a vital building block in patient interactions. My clinical rotations solidified my passion for Family Medicine when I realized how the field uniquely provides opportunities to manage chronic and complex medical conditions, while comforting patients in their most vulnerable dispositions. 

Although I was a “California girl” for 25 years, a cross country move to Maryland to be closer to our extended family has officially turned me to an East Coast gal, and I couldn’t be happier to be starting my medical career at MedStar Franklin Square. I know Medstar Health's collaborative nature and its exposure to a diverse array of patients in MD, will allow me to dedicate my career to serving with patience, kindness, and a strong emphasis on patient advocacy, all while allowing me to return to the state where my family resides and that truly holds my heart.

In my free time, I enjoy anything Harry Potter related, dancing, reading, and laughing endlessly while Facetiming my family (especially my Grandma.)


Third-Year Combined Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Resident

Stephen Kane, M.D.

Georgetown University School of Medicine
University of Maryland: College Park

I am so thankful for the opportunity to return to Franklin Square Family Health Center and serve its community. I was raised on a farm in Westminster, Maryland. Although physicianship is new to my family, compassion, empathy, and intentional listening were instilled in me throughout my childhood. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to attend University of Maryland: College Park for undergraduate studies in Physiology and Neurobiology. During this time, I became interested in health equity and understanding our communities' systemic causes of diseases. I continued this work during medical school at Georgetown University School of Medicine- finding my passion for primary care during a 6 month rotation at Franklin Square Family Health Center- and finding my passion for advocacy with various population health, justice-involved health, and racial justice initiatives. I hope to learn from each and every patient during my time here and look forward to becoming a part of the Baltimore community.

Third-year residents

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis, MD, PhD

Georgetown University Medical School
Georgetown University Graduate School
Barnard College, Columbia University

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in West Newton. At 13, I moved to Philadelphia with my sister and mother, an immigrant from Greece. After graduating from Barnard College in 2011, where I studied Behavioral Neuroscience and French, I moved to DC to pursue an MD and PhD in Neuroscience at Georgetown University. My PhD research focused on Multiple Sclerosis and immune-modulation of the central nervous system. As I progressed in my graduate studies, I found myself increasingly drawn to Family Medicine because of the meaningful relationships that it fosters with patients, allowing me to care for the whole person.

My introduction to Franklin Square Hospital as a fourth-year medical student at Georgetown University was due to a very fortunate accident. Having initially thought that I was signing-up for a rotation located at Franklin Square in DC, I was very surprised to see that it would be 1.5 hours commute to Baltimore! However, after spending two rotations with the Franklin Square family, I felt a unique kinship with the hospital and the community that it serves. It turned out not to be a mistake, but a happy, little accident, because Franklin Square Medical Center feels like home!

When I’m not in the hospital, I am likely to be found (re-)watching Seinfeld, biking around the city, singing at open-mics, trying to learn a new language or dabbling in my many arts-and-crafts projects.

I am thrilled to be continuing my medical training with the MedStar Franklin Square Family Medicine team and look forward to serving the Baltimore community and building relationships with you!

Hibah Ali, D.O.

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – New York
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Temple University

After spending most of my life in the tri-state area, I am really looking forward to joining the Medstar team and exploring my new hometown, Baltimore! I grew up in Central NJ, which provided me with easy access to 2 major cities – New York City and Philadelphia. Coincidentally, I first moved to Philadelphia to complete my undergraduate degree from Temple University, and then my master’s degree from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. My next move was to NYC, where I attended and graduated from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine with my doctorate. My experience with a diverse patient population in different communities in NY and NJ throughout medical school led me to my desire to practice family medicine, and I strive to be a physician that wants to make a difference in my community.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and exploring new hobbies. Over the past year, I worked on a few interior and exterior design projects, learned how to cook and bake new recipes, and adopted a cat named Bingo who will also be making the move to Baltimore with me this summer!

Hunter Buchanan, D.O.

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
Villanova University

I was born in Washington, DC and spent much of my life in Northern Virginia. I attended Villanova University in Pennsylvania where I majored in Economics. After graduating, I moved to Buffalo, NY for a couple of years and worked at the Dent Neurologic Institute in the MRI Department. I then attended Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri.

I became drawn to Family Medicine because of the close relationships that we develop with patients and the emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. I look forward to more deeply understanding the influence of underlying social determinants of health to provide a higher level of care for my patients. I am excited to pursue residency training at MedStar Franklin Square and to serve the community of Baltimore, alongside a talented and passionate group of residents and faculty. 

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and trying new foods, being active, exploring the outdoors, golfing, and reading. I am excited to begin my next chapter in Baltimore!

Veoma Chauhan, D.O.

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Virginia Campus
Virginia Commonwealth University

I was born in Fairfax, VA and spent most of my childhood growing up in the Northern Virginia area. I completed my undergraduate years at Virginia Commonwealth University and completed medical school at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. Throughout my journey, I have been fortunate to live in places abroad and that has led to my interest in medical mission trip opportunities or working in underserved regions/populations in the US or abroad. 

During my clinical years, I knew continuity of care and a strong sense of community was important to me when choosing a specialty. I realized I didn’t want to have to choose between pediatrics or geriatrics, or any demographic in between. My heart wants to serve all people, of all ages and all backgrounds, and family medicine offers me the best opportunity to do that.

 I knew for residency I wanted to be close to home, but I also wanted a program whose strengths aligned with what I was looking for in a residency program. The strong curriculum, global health AOC, refugee health opportunities, procedural clinics, and women’s health were all components that I wanted for my residency education. My interview experience solidified why I truly wanted to join the Medstar Franklin family. The initial warmth and kindness from everyone I spoke to was so palpable, which is a testament to the program since everything was virtual. I felt I could easily join this family and thrive at such an amazing residency program. 

Kaitlin Beemiller, M.D.

Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
University of Dayton

Being born and raised in Columbus, most of my life has been spent in Ohio (Go Bucks & Browns!). I attended the University of Dayton for undergrad majoring in Pre-Medicine and minoring in Psychology. After graduation, I remained in the Dayton area pursuing my medical degree at Wright State University. Throughout undergrad and medical school, I was involved in global health mission trips to both Nicaragua and Peru. It was during these travels that I discovered my passion for caring for the underserved— not only abroad, but locally as well.

I love family medicine due to the continuity of care, community engagement, and wide scope of practice. Thus, my interests in family medicine are broad: pediatric care, addiction medicine/behavioral health, in-office procedures, and global health—all of which are emphasized at Franklin Square. Outside of medicine, I may be taking exercise classes, reading mystery-thriller novels, listening to podcasts, eating food others make for me, watching football, googling “dogs to buy near me”, hiking, biking, sailing, and/or relaxing with my friends/family.

Since my mom is from Boston, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time on the East Coast while growing up. I am excited to finally be back and closer to the water, this time more permanently. Looking forward to joining the MedStar family and exploring this new city I will be calling home! 

Lorrane Kabert, M.D.

Georgetown University School of Medicine
Howard University

I was born in Washington D.C. and spent my early childhood in Gabon, living with my grandmother. Upon returning to the US, my family and I settled in PG County, Maryland. While growing up, I noticed the differences in the way healthcare was discussed in different communities. In some, highly encouraged and broadly advertised, while in others, it almost seemed taboo to go see a doctor. This sparked my curiosity in medicine and subsequently, the topic of mistrust in healthcare.

I went on to attend Howard University for my undergraduate education and majored in Biology. While there, I realized my passion for mentoring children in underserved communities and community service. Working with the underserved allowed me to take a deeper dive into various social determinants of health.

As I rotated through various specialties in my 3rd year of medical school, it became very clear that Family Medicine was the perfect specialty for me. I would have the opportunity to provide care throughout any and every stage of life – all the while forming long-lasting relationships, allowing me to better address barriers to healthcare. I am so excited to continue my training at MedStar Franklin Square’s Family Medicine Residency program. It has everything I could have ever wanted in a residency program; A warm and welcoming environment, high quality education, strong focus on social justice and providing care to the underserved, and the list goes on. 

Outside of medicine, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy trying different cultural dishes, going on nature walks, shopping at Trader Joe’s, and watching every thriller Netflix has to offer.

Jeremy Miller, M.D.

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
University of Massachusetts, Amherst-Five Colleges Consortium

Having grown up in Maryland, I welcomed the chance to return to my home state to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins. I have loved living with my partner and kids in Baltimore and am delighted to join the MedStar Franklin Square team!

Alongside my Bachelor's degree in Public Health at the University of Massachusetts, I worked full-time at health non-profits and as a medical case manager. Through diverse work experiences prior to medical school, I developed an appreciation for the incredibly unique opportunity the physician-patient relationship provides for transformative care. I enjoy helping people develop thoughtful plans for improving their health especially in the context of their own values and important social ties, which are deeply prioritized in Family Medicine. 

Outside of medicine, I enjoy hiking (tromping around in the woods) with my family, swimming, and cooking. I am comfortable communicating in American Sign Language with patients who use sign, and I am proud to be an experienced and competent provider for LGBTQI+ patients.

Stephen Petr, M.D.

Eastern Virginia Medical School
University of Maryland

I was born at Franklin Square Hospital and grew up just across the Beltway in Lutherville, MD. I first became interested in the health sciences while taking an Anatomy and Physiology class at Calvert Hall College High School. I then attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County for my undergraduate studies where I majored in Biological Sciences and minored in Chemistry. It was at the end of my Sophomore year at UMBC when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. I went on to complete a one-year master’s program in Applied Molecular Biology at UMBC. After another year of working on the research project that I started in graduate school, I moved down to Norfolk, VA and began my medical education at Eastern Virginia Medical School. While on my third-year rotations, I found that I enjoyed aspects of each specialty, and I particularly felt at home on my Family Medicine rotation. I am drawn to Family Medicine because this specialty offers the unique opportunity to form strong, long-term relationships with patients while providing full-spectrum care to people of all ages, with an emphasis placed on prevention of disease. One area of Family Medicine that I find particularly interesting is Sports Medicine. I am beyond thrilled to return home to serve the community that I grew up in while I complete my residency training at MedStar Franklin Square!

I live with my wife, Allayne, and our two cats, Pearl and Luis. Outside of medicine, I enjoy weight training, hiking, fishing, and both watching and playing sports (Go Ravens and O’s!).

Fourth-year Combined Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Resident


Michael Harding

Michael Harding, MD

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Brigham Young University

I grew up in Bethesda and am a proud Marylander. While I’ve always wanted to become a physician, it was during a two-year service mission to the West African nations of Togo and Benin that I became passionate about care of the underserved and public health.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Public Health, I accepted a commission as an officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and attended the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences for medical school. My position there was sponsored by the Indian Health Service, so upon completion of training, I will work in a hospital and/or clinic that serves American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

I chose the combined Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine Program at MedStar Franklin Square and Johns Hopkins because it will provide me opportunities to better understand social determinants of health, health disparities, and community-based interventions. This training will allow me to both provide excellent, patient-centered care as well as effect change on a larger level.

When I’m not working, I enjoy rock climbing, whitewater kayaking on the Potomac River, hiking, and playing guitar.

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