Stephanie Davis, MD, PhD
Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis, MD, PhD

Georgetown University Medical School
Georgetown University Graduate School
Barnard College, Columbia University

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in West Newton. At 13, I moved to Philadelphia with my sister and mother, an immigrant from Greece. After graduating from Barnard College in 2011, where I studied Behavioral Neuroscience and French, I moved to DC to pursue an MD and PhD in Neuroscience at Georgetown University. My PhD research focused on Multiple Sclerosis and immune-modulation of the central nervous system. As I progressed in my graduate studies, I found myself increasingly drawn to Family Medicine because of the meaningful relationships that it fosters with patients, allowing me to care for the whole person.

My introduction to Franklin Square Hospital as a fourth-year medical student at Georgetown University was due to a very fortunate accident. Having initially thought that I was signing-up for a rotation located at Franklin Square in DC, I was very surprised to see that it would be 1.5 hours commute to Baltimore! However, after spending two rotations with the Franklin Square family, I felt a unique kinship with the hospital and the community that it serves. It turned out not to be a mistake, but a happy, little accident, because Franklin Square Medical Center feels like home!

When I’m not in the hospital, I am likely to be found (re-)watching Seinfeld, biking around the city, singing at open-mics, trying to learn a new language or dabbling in my many arts-and-crafts projects.

I am thrilled to be continuing my medical training with the MedStar Franklin Square Family Medicine team and look forward to serving the Baltimore community and building relationships with you!